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FF’s Strongest Rusher on Earth, Indonesia and the Newest World 2022

As a fan of FF games, maybe you want to know the FF Strongest Rusher on earth today. You can find out some of the order lists that we will share in this article.

Discussing the game world is indeed endless, starting from PC games, consoles, to smartphones. In particular, on smartphone games that currently have special attention.

Smartphone games are experiencing a very rapid development. Even now there are many smartphone games that have the best quality.

Often we see many people comparing smartphone games and PC games. Although it is still quite far in terms of quality, the quality given to smartphone games is quite good.

From here we get to know some games that until now have become the king of smartphone games. Of course the game can be played online, one of which is Free Fire.

The Free Fire game or known as FF has indeed become a very popular game. We will be challenged against many players in one area.

From online games, there are also many professional players and joining the eSports team. Their abilities can’t be doubted.

Of the several types of FF players, the type to watch out for in this FF game is Rusher. Maybe you are curious who are the current FF Strongest Rushers.

Talking about the strongest rusher in free fire will make you look up the year of their streaming account and can learn how to be a good rusher. Here is the review below.

Understanding of Role Rusher

Rusher is one of the roles in the battle royale game whose job is to open battles into the opponent’s territory. A rusher in this FF game is indeed very important.

The rusher type is indeed quite vital because it determines whether the strategy implemented by the team will be successful or not. Therefore, being a rusher is quite difficult compared to support.

Although each role player has a very important role. However, if the rusher fails to implement the strategy, the team gets shot and loses.

Therefore, currently many FF eSports teams are famous for having the strongest rusher in the world. Like in football, the rusher becomes an attacker who is hungry to kill.

The task of a Rusher is indeed not easy, you have to communicate with the team well before attacking the opposing team.

After the initial strategy is executed, a rusher must be able to give good command so that the team can carry out follow-up attacks properly.

The ability to attack at close range must be mastered by a Rusher. This is the importance of knowing various shooting techniques such as Aim Scope, Jump Shoot and others.

You can learn to be a Rusher by learning it directly by eSport players. You can get all of that from the list of the strongest rushers on earth in the Free Fire game.

List of FF’s Strongest Rushers on Earth

Many players from Indonesia participated in the free fire world championship and became winners. This is what makes a lot of great FF players, especially rushers from Indonesia.

Well, maybe you are curious about some of the strongest Rusher rusher ff in the world, which we will summarize in the explanation below.

Hiro 10

strongest rusher in indonesia ff

The strongest rusher on Earth in our first 2021 version is Hiro 10. This player is considered very good at attacking enemies at close range and will be very dangerous if the enemy is nearby.

In attacking the enemy, the mainstay of this player’s shot is the Shotgun and MP40. Not infrequently these players beat a squad even though playing solo ranked.

Not only as a rusher, it turns out that Hiro 10 is an expert in long-range shooting. You can see this on his YouTube channel, which often uses long-range weapons.

The long-range mainstay of this player is the XM8. If this player is already using XM8, it is certain that you will be hit by a headshot from that distance.

You need to know that Hiro 10 is part of the Skedebbes Guild. Maybe those of you who often watch the Obbyphy youtube channel will know this guild.

Ernest’s story

the strongest ff rusher in the world

Furthermore, the strongest rusher on earth is Ernest Stories. These gamers often create content on how to be a good rusher and of course you need to watch it.

The content presented by him is not only the enemy Rush solo mode, but often you beat a squad. Many FF players recommend learning the game in order to become a great player.

Ernest Stories often provides very useful tutorials for beginners. Even from these gamers, many players are immediately proficient in determining rusher strategies.

Imba Jr

the strongest rusher on earth is

The next strongest FF Rusher is Imba Jr. Imba Jr, whose real name is Bagus Wijayanto, is a Rusher from the former Aura Nest eSports team.

We know that eSports Aura has reliable gamers like Frontal Gaming, Wawan MKS (Ready to Lose). This gamer has a pretty great ability as a rusher.

As a former eSports team, his abilities are still very good. This is evidenced by presenting FF content on the Youtube Channel which has been followed by many people.

Rudi WYD

strongest rusher in the world

The best Rusher that we will discuss next is Rudi Gmg. This gamer is indeed very skilled in Rushing enemies using his favorite shots.

Even more so, if he had used a shotgun. Nothing can match his ability to jumpshot. For those of you who have the rush jumpshot type, you must watch the channel.

Maybe you don’t know that Rudi Gmg is included in the Top Global Shotgun 2. Of course, you won’t doubt his ability to use a shotgun.

Budi01 Gaming

strongest rusher on earth

Who doesn’t know the strongest rusher in Indonesia, this one ff. FF players are certainly very familiar with this one gamer, who has reached tens of millions of subscribers on his youtube channel.

You don’t need to doubt his ability to rush enemies by using shotgun 2. Not only that, he is also an expert in using AWM Sniper.

It’s not a safe place if you meet him in close or far distance conditions. If you miss the slightest step, Budi01 Gaming will take you to the Lobby.

Frontal Games

strongest rusher on earth 2021

Which FF player doesn’t know this one gamer. As the name implies, Frontal Gaming is famous for the ingrained soul of a Rusher.

He will play frontally and barbarically without mercy. The skill of this gamer is indeed quite terrible where the expertise in using the shotgun does not need to be doubted.


strongest rusher in free fire

The next strongest rusher recommendation on earth in 2021 is Mr 05. The real name of Regi Pratama is indeed famous as the best Rusher at this time.

This member of the Evos team, if he uses a shot, there is no mercy for players who meet him. Those of you who are not strong must have been hit by a headshot from him.

He is one of the eSports members who has a gaming youtube channel. You can learn about how to become a great rusher in the world.

The final word

Actually, there are still many gamers who have a role as Rusher in the FF game world. All the names that we shared above don’t have to be someone who is part of the eSports team, but a gaming youtuber.

We share a few different things from websites that cover this topic. All of this is our lesson to be able to learn directly from the YouTube channel.

Thus the article that we have reviewed about the Strongest Rusher FF. Hopefully the name we share can be useful for all visitors.

You can support our website by sharing this article on your social network accounts. That way, we will be excited to share useful information.

You can support our website by sharing this article on your social network accounts. That way, we will continue to be enthusiastic about sharing useful information.

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