FF X Venom, the Latest 2021 Free Fire Collaboration, Check the Facts! –

FF X Venom – Garena is indeed one of the most active battle royale game developers, the article often collaborates with well-known companies. After yesterday finished collaborating with McLarena and launching mobile sports items, it is now reported that FF will collaborate with Venom. If true, of course this will be a very exciting collaboration and deserves to be played.

Actually, FF is often reported as collaborating, but so far our team doesn’t know whether this is true or not. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss it for those of you who are curious (want to know) about the latest information about the FF game.

Before discussing the collaboration further, maybe here many friends don’t know what Venom is, therefore it is very important who Venom is and what it will look like if it is true that there is a FF X Venom collaboration.

About Venom

You need to know that Venom or also known as the Venom Symbiote is an anti-hero character that does appear in comics published by Marvel Comics. Venon first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man #229, which was created by writer David Michelinie and other artists. Todd McFarlane.

The figure of Venom itself is a very terrible monster with a dominant black color with quite long eyes with dark white color, in its teeth there are very sharp teeth in large and irregular numbers. On the tongue is very long with a fairly large size.

Long nails like ready to pounce on anyone in front of him if he is considered an enemy. Can you imagine if later Venom was present on Free Fire, it would be very exciting, right?

For those of you who have watched the Spider-Man movie, you know this one figure where Venom is Spider-Man’s biggest enemy in the film.

However, this information is still very minimal, especially when we check on Garena’s Instagram account, namely freefirebgidthere is not a single post indicating that the Free Fire X Venom collaboration is true. We can know that if there is collaboration, it is not impossible if Garena will provide information in advance through their social media accounts.

After we checked the Instagram account post, there were only MAG-7 Hurracane Delivery, Double Token, Moco Login, Daily Discounts up to 40%, Moco Calling Friends, Fruit Tea bottle event, Phantom Microzark Bundle and many more. In addition, there has also been no announcement through the event on the FF menu that provides footage or video trailers regarding this collaboration.

For players, especially small ones, of course, they are always at the forefront when they hear new things about FF games, especially rumors like this, of course, they are very hot and want to know the truth immediately.

So it can be concluded that the FF X Venom collaboration is still just a rumor or an issue. But it can’t be denied if this is true maybe Garena will surprise FF players regarding their collaboration.

What If FF X Venom Is True?

If this collab is true, then this will be the most exciting moment in mid-September 2021, because from the McLarena collaboration, there are many FF players who want to get the skin.

Usually the FF admin itself considers requests from fans, so if you really want this to be granted by Garena regarding collaboration, then players can chat on their IG accounts or other social media.

If this is true then it is very likely that this will be a new record achieved by FF after they collaborated yesterday with McLarena.

What will FF X Venom be like?

Regarding the excitement, we don’t know for sure, but what we are monitoring will be what the gameplay of the game will be, whether it remains the same or there are differences. Then what will the Venom skin look like in FF? Well, this is what we will continue to monitor if this news is true.

Since this is still a rumour, here we are only sharing information, who knows this is true, then we and the team will try our best to provide accurate and useful information for booyah friends.


We think that’s all that needs to be said, hopefully this Free Fire X Venom news is true and if it’s true then this will be the next excitement in the FF game to be exact in September 2021. In conclusion, FF X Venom is still a rumor and you don’t believe it first because there are currently a lot of hoax news. Once again, make this the latest information for you about the Free Fire game which we will review next.

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