FF Mod APK Unlimited Diamond + Auto Headshot

FF Mod APK – Here is the explanation of the full FF Mod APK file by installing and downloading it, see the full review below.

Free Fire is one of the true fighting games that has succeeded in fascinating players from all over the world. This is only because as a free developer of the brand, Garena is always spoiling its users with cool stuff. One of the advantages of this free fire game is that it has many beautiful premium skins like Best & Strongest FF Rushers.

This free fire game is probably the best selling battle royale game because this game managed to score one on google play store. In addition, this free fire is played not only by kids but also by teens to adults.

As shown above, this free shooter game comes with beautiful premium skins. However, to get that amazing premium skin, the survivors must have a diamond.

You probably already know that free fire diamonds are not easy. Many survivors are now looking for ways to get free skins. There are many ways to get beautiful looks in this game, for example using FF Redeem Code for Cepcil Pants.

However, we are here to provide a way to get free skins in Free Fire. This method requires you to download the ff mod apk which we will provide in this review. For more detailed information, see below.

About FF Mod Apk

FF mod apk is a free shooting game modified by a third party. This way we can get premium features for free, for example skins or others. In addition, there are many counter features that are very useful for players, such as unlimited diamonds, automatic headshot and so on.

In fact, this free shooter game already has a lot of mod version apps made by third party developers which are definitely not official from Garena, like FF Max Apk Rampage + OBB Download which you can play as well.

With this feature, it is not surprising that many survivors are looking for free fire against this apk. If you are one of the players who wants to take advantage of these 4 free mods, you can read our review at the end because here we provide download links in this review.

But before you download this file, it is good to see some of the features or benefits of this game.

Latest Features in FF Mod Apk

Free Fire Mod Apk developer provides some advanced features which are not found in the original version. Here is a discussion about the features of the latest version of ff mod apk. Check out the review below to the end.

unlimited diamonds

The first advantage of ff vs apk is unlimited diamonds. Anyone who uses this version will get an unlimited number of diamonds.

You can use these diamonds to buy different things like packs, skins, emotes, etc. depending on your individual needs.

Unlimited money

Another feature that ff mod apk has is unlimited coins. You can use these coins later to buy the last desired character or anything else.

Of course, with this feature, Free fire players don’t have to work hard to collect match reward coins or login every day.

Health without limits

In addition to the unlimited currency function, the mod version also has unlimited health functions or unlimited life functions, so you don’t need to use a medical kit in battle.

This way, players can attack enemies, whether attacking from close range or from a distance, without having to worry about running out of HP.

head injuries

There is also an automatic headshot feature that can kill enemies with a single shot, and strangely enough, a direct hit hits the intended target automatically without deviating from it.

This way, you won’t need more skills to play Free Fire to get Booyah!

automatic signature

Of course, to kill enemies in free fire games you must have the ability to shoot, of course, not all free fire players have accurate shooting skills.

But with this auto aim feature, you don’t need to have great shooting skills because the shot will automatically hit the target from near and far.


Now everyone

In addition to the automatic shooting function, the ff against MOT also has a wallless function that can shoot bullets through hard objects.

For those who use this mod version, it is very easy to shoot enemies from close and far so you will be killed very quickly.

Shoot while swimming

In the original version of Free Fire it is impossible to shoot while swimming in the water but it is different from the latest version of apk vs ff above it.

Because players can shoot anytime and anywhere, even while they are in the water. This is definitely very useful for players to be able to shoot enemies by hiding in the water.

break through the wall

It is of course impossible to be able to shoot through walls or walls in the original free fire game, but it is different from using ff vs apk.

This free fire app includes a feature that can shoot through walls, walls or other hard objects. This feature is very useful for survivors to shoot the hidden enemies.

Unlock all characters

For those who are bored with the characters you have, don’t worry, this ff vs apk can unlock all ff characters without making a purchase with coins or diamonds first.

With this ff mod apk, you can easily unlock all the characters in ff and you can use them to play with friends in ranked, classic, custom or other modes. This feature is ideal for those who want to try and use the latest Free Fire characters.

Unlock all shapes

Of course, as we already know, you have to make a purchase with diamonds first to get beautiful skin in free fire game.

With ff mod apk you can feel cool skins in free fire game for free. This skin can be used in all combat situations.

Map update

This FF mod apk also contains the latest map with very cool and attractive look in free fire game. Not only that, there are additional regions or locations on the map so that players will not get bored of the same location.

instant transfer

The last feature of ff vs apk is the teleportation, which allows you to move your space in the free fire game.

With this feature, it is very useful for puzzled players to run away when surrounded by nearby enemies because this feature can move from one place to another very quickly.

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Download Cara Install FF Mod Apk


Even very fast and easy to install or install ff against unlimited money apk and aito headhot.

But for those of you who don’t know how to go through the steps of installing this app, see the below steps properly and correctly.

  • First step, make sure to download it against the ff apk we provided above.
  • Open the file on the smartphone you are using.
  • Downloaded files are usually stored in the File Manager.
  • Pin the downloaded file to completion. If you see an “Unknown source” warning, activate it immediately.
  • Then open the “Zarchiver” app, which you can download for free from the Playstore.
  • In this case, extract the OBB data file and change the format to File/RAR.
  • Lalu masuk ke list “inner stronge-android-data-obb-com-freefireth”.
  • Ganti nama “com.dts.freefireth” menjadi “com.dts.freefireth1” folder.
  • Then go back to the OBB data folder and change “com.dts.freefireth1” to “com.dts.freefireth”.
  • If you have done above steps correctly then open free fire game.
  • Everything is over.

If the OBB data file is placed correctly, you can be sure that all functions will work optimally, including unlimited money and even automatic header images. So carefully follow step by step because even the error will render the apk useless from ff.

Differences FF Mod Apk from the original version

Of course, using this ff mod apk file is very different from the original (original) Garena Free Fire. For those of you who want to know the difference, see the reviews below:

original free fire

  • To get a lot of diamonds, you have to reload first
  • It does not have an automatic head stroke function
  • It cannot penetrate walls and other hard objects
  • I can’t shoot while swimming
  • All skins are locked if you haven’t purchased them yet.

Free Fire Mod Apk

  • Get unlimited diamonds and coins for free
  • Can kill enemies with auto hit / headshot
  • Walls, walls and other hard objects can be removed
  • He can shoot while swimming
  • All skins unlock automatically

Is FF Mod Apk safe to use?


As we explained above, each use of third party applications is at their own risk. The most likely risk for users of illegal applications is to get your Free Fire account banned from Garena.

Because that in itself is too bad to use ff against apk for Garena and other players. For those who want to try free fire apk, you need a backup account, so as to avoid unwanted things like blocked account.

The last word

Maybe this is a review of FF Mod Apk Unlimited Money and Auto Headshot 2021 latest version, we hope this review is useful to all of you. Thank you. Play Garena Free Fire well because it will make the game more interesting and fun.

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