FF Booster Go Apk v2 9 Aplikasi Booster Free Fire Terbaru 2020

FF Booster Go Apk – If you are currently looking for an application that can help you stabilize your device when playing free fire games, then you can use the ff booster go v2 apk application which has been widely used by many survivors of this game.

The Garena Free Fire Battlegrounds game itself is a mobile Battle Royale game that is currently being hotly discussed by many netizens, because in this game you can feel a different sensation of excitement compared to other games even with the same genre.

Moreover, the main attraction of the free fire game, which has been maintained until now, is the distribution of free items from every event they present, moreover the items in the free fire game are very cool and there are also many characters that you can play, so Any gamer who has tried this FF game will feel addicted to wanting to play the game continuously.

However, because the frequency of updates makes the free fire game a bit heavy, the super potato cellphone struggles to play the ff game right now, so you need a tool application to help make free fire run smoothly on your potato cellphone and one of the applications that can now do this it is this ff booster go apk.

What Is FF Booster GO Apk?

The FF Booster go application is a tool application whose function is to stabilize ping or make free fire games run smoothly when played on your cellphone, because you also know that currently ff games are quite heavy to play.

Especially if your cellphone has mediocre specs but insists on using ultra graphics then the game will certainly lag and often frame drops, or the ping quality of your device is bad then that can also cause lag while playing.

But you can solve this problem by using this ff booster go apk, because this application functions to boost the performance of your potato cellphone when playing free fire games, and this application is somewhat similar to the gosensi application which is also an ff tool application that has cool features in it. , that’s why many want to get this application.

Download FF Booster Go v2 Apk

Actually this application is not a new application, because this ff booster go apk has been around for quite a while and the latest version is v2.9, so if you are curious to use it, you can download the application in this review.


After you have downloaded ff booster go then you also have to know the features in the application, so that later you will understand before using the application.


What is certain is that the features in the ff booster go v2.9 apk application will not disappoint you because the features in it can make the performance of your smartphone increase drastically, and immediately see the following review.

  • Free Fire Optimizer
  • Ping Stabilizer
  • Show Sensitivity (determines the size of the course)
  • Device Performance Settings (Normal Mode, Battery, Performance)
  • Can be set up to 90 FPS (if your device supports it)

Those were the features in the ff booster go v2.9 apk application, which is for sure for a potato cell phone class this feature will be very helpful so that the free fire game can run smoothly again when played on your smartphone, then now you just have to install the application.

Cara Install

  1. First download ff booster go apk first
  2. If you have finished downloading, please look for the file
  3. After you find it, tap the apk and click Install
  4. If you are redirected to the Settings menu then activate the Unknown Sources option
  5. Next you tap the apk file again and click install then the install process will start

Now you wait until the installation process of this application is complete, and only then can you use it and make settings so that your device’s system performance works optimally when playing free fire games, and here’s how.

How to Use FF Booster Go Pro

  1. You open the ff booster go apk application first
  2. Then after that you will be redirected to the main application of this application
  3. If you want to optimize the FF game on your cellphone then activate it Free Fire Optimizer
  4. If you want to stabilize your ping, activate the feature Ping Stabilizer
  5. If you have activated the feature you want to use, now click on it Boost Free Fire
  6. The Free Fire game will automatically open

Now you can feel the difference before and after using this ff booster apk application, for sure now the ping will be stable and there will be no lag or frame drops.

Is This App Safe?

You need to know that ff booster go v2.0 is a tool application and not a cheat application, so I think it’s safe, but if you are afraid of your main account why, then use a new account.

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The final word

And that was the information about downloading this ff booster go apk, and now you can freely play free fire games without fear of lag, or even unstable. and I hope this information is useful.

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