FF Bio Code Rank Rank & Latest How to Use it 2021

FF Bio Code Rank Rank lately it is often found on the profiles of many players. Although it has been widely used, some players may be quite confused about how to use this feature in the game.

Many explain about the current ff rank bio code. It is very interesting for us to review, because Bio FF Rank rank when used on a Free Fire account will look very cool.

In general, there are several codes that can display a symbol on your FF profile. Starting from the code to display rank, flag, logo, rank, color and more.

This FF rank bio code is often used by many free fire accounts to look cool and some are used as personal data for FF accounts. So for those of you who want to use the code, please follow the reviews first using the FF bio rank code below.

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Overview Cool Code Rank Rank On Bio FF

Bio is also known as Biography which means it is a brief profile of your life data. However, for Free Fire accounts there is a bio section that can be filled in using any word including Rank Code.

Besides having an aesthetic purpose, displaying cool features on your profile will definitely make you look more alike pro player. So, anyone who sees your account will definitely think twice about going to war with you.

If you generally see an account profile that only has a badge, at the current rank, NicknameLevel, Avatar and others by using this rank code, all the ranks that you have taken while playing FF will be displayed.

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Free Fire Badge Bio Code Rank Rank

Free Fire Bio Badge Code Rank

To be visible on your free fire account using Rank, then you need a special bio code to use it. So don’t use the FF BIO code carelessly, friends, but you have to enter the code correctly, don’t be careless but have to use the original.

Tired of looking at your FF bio just like that? You can also make your FF bio player look more aesthetic with cool, colorful symbols. Want to make a colorful bio or show your favorite color, of course you can. All you have to do is enter the code as shown in the image above.

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Is it safe to use colorful bio codes in Free Fire?

Colorful FF bio IM

Maybe those of you who are currently using the bio ff code will be confused whether the bio ff code used is safe or dangerous? You need to know that this FF bio is a design given by Garena to make it look cool and attractive. So of course using a bio code that can beautify the shape of your bio is certainly not prohibited.

Using scripts in a game is not permitted, but for this bioff code script data, Garena as the developer itself will provide the features. So you can conclude that installing the code on your Free Fire account is very safe.

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How to Use Bio Code FF Logo Rank Rank

Bio Code FF Logo Rank Rank

Now if you have chosen one of the bio ff codes that we have conveyed above, then you can directly install it on your bio ff account. If you don’t understand how to install it, you can listen to the tutorial that we will review in full below.

  1. The first way, please, just copy one of the bio codes above.
  2. Then please login to your respective free fire game.
  3. If you have logged in, the next step is to directly view your ff account profile.
  4. After that, please press or click the edit icon in the position in the upper left corner.
  5. Then you can just paste the code or script that you copied earlier into the signature column.
  6. If you have confirmed then please click save to save it.
  7. Done! Take a look at your account.

Benefits of Using an FF Account With a Rank Bio Code

FF Account Benefits

Using the bio code on a free fire account will look very attractive and a little different from other players, where not all players can install a rank code on a free fire account. So for that, here are the advantages of using the ff bio code in your ff account.

  • Number of Skins Will Appear In Bio

If you already have several skins, of course using this ff bio code is very profitable, because in the end all the skins that have been collected will appear in your ff account bio. So when they see your bio, other players will immediately feel embarrassed.

  • FF Bio Display Will Look Attractive

If you are using this ff bio code script, the bio display on your free fire account will immediately look very beautiful and attractive.

  • Our Highest Rank Will Appear

In addition to your bio looking more beautiful and attractive, using a bio ff code will make your highest rank visible or appear, therefore, your bio will automatically make the highest rank appear in your bio and make you more professional.


A few reviews from Tcash about the list of the coolest and updated 2021 FF bio codes. You don’t have to worry about using these codes because they don’t violate the rules of the Garena provider at all. In addition, the display of visible symbols can also conjure up your bio profile to be more aesthetic and attractive.

Hopefully this review can be useful for you free fire game players. Goodluck Guys….!!!!

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