Features and prices of Warda waterproof eyeliner – price list and tariff 2022

Eyeliner is a cosmetic product that is applied thinly around the eye area. The purpose of using eyeliner is to define the eye line, while making the eyes appear sharper. There are different brands of eyeliner that are very popular in the market, one of them is rose. With a waterproof formula that makes it durable, the Optimum Hi-Black Rose Eyeliner starts at tens of thousands of rupees.

Illustration: Wearing kohl (Source: Bukalapak)

The use of eyeliner is very important, not only for slanted eyes, but also for other eye shapes. Big eyes will be more beautiful if the eyeliner is applied in the right way. Currently, different colors of eyeliner are available, including black, brown, gray, dark blue, purple, dark green, and others.[1]

When viewed from the material, waterproof eyeliner is often the choice of women. Waterproof eyeliner is an eyeliner that has excellent water resistance, so it does not fade even when exposed to water. This waterproof formula is more durable so it is suitable for use when you are on vacation at the beach or in the pool.

Guinness waterproof eyeliner

  • Eyeliner. This product has a crayon-like texture and must be shaved before use. This type of eyeliner is also practical everywhere due to its compact and lightweight shape, but unfortunately it smudges easily.
  • liquid eyeliner. This product has a texture similar to watercolor. There are two types of packaging for this type of eyeliner, the packaging with a bottle with a brush and the packaging like a pen.
  • Eyeliner gel. This product is made with a mixture of cream and gelatin, so it has a more gliding effect. This type of eyeliner is usually packaged in a round jam package with the addition of a small or long brush to make it easier for users, but many of them are now innovative in the form of pencils.
  • Eyeliner. This product has the same design as a marker with a pointed tip so that it is easy to apply. The end result of makeup with eyeliner eyeliner is similar to liquid eyeliner.

There are a lot of waterproof eyeliners out there, and it’s hard for a beginner to choose the right product. So, here are some things to consider when buying waterproof eyeliner.

Tips for choosing a waterproof eyeliner

  • Choose a waterproof eyeliner that has a brush or soft eyeliner core.
  • Choose an eyeliner that’s easy to open but not loose.
  • When applied, a defining eye color that is water-resistant comes out easily, but not too much.
  • The waterproof eyeliner grip fits in your hand and is easy to grip.
  • Plus, when you try it on, a good waterproof eyeliner will dry quickly after you apply it.
Optimum Hi-Black Rose Waterproof Eyeliner (sumber: biggo.id)
Optimum Hi-Black Rose Waterproof Eyeliner (sumber: biggo.id)

Well, among the many brands of waterproof eyeliner, the Rose brand can be used as a product worth considering. If you are looking for a waterproof rose eyeliner, then you need to look into the Optimum Hi-Black series.

Benefits of Warda Optimum High Black Waterproof Eyeliner

Named Optimum Hi-Black, the waterproof rose eyeliner in the shape of a pen is very easy to use, especially for beginners. The end result of elegant makeup makes Optimum Hi-Black Wardah waterproof eyeliner the most sought-after beauty blogger. When viewed from the look, Optimum Hi-Black Wardah Waterproof Eyeliner is like a liner with a flexible brush tip. Although it looks like a liner, this eyeliner formula is still pigmented, waterproof, and long-wearing.

Not just pigmented, Optimum Hi-Black Wardah Waterproof Eyeliner can be applied in one swipe to create a strong eye look. Moreover, the black color produced by the eyeliner is also very thick. On the official website, this product is offered starting at Rs 60,375. So what is the price of Optimum Hi-Black Wardah Waterproof Eyeliner in a number of places today?

Harja waterproof eyeliner Rose Optimum Hi black

Buying site price
Warda’s official website IDR 60.375
Watsons IDR 60.375
social 80,500 rupees
Indomarate IDR 89.900

Keep in mind that the above prices can change at any time, depending on the seller’s policy. As an alternative, you can also choose other types of eyeliner from Rose at an affordable price.

Rose eyeliner (Source: cosmopolitan.co.id)
Rose eyeliner (Source: cosmopolitan.co.id)

Other Rose Eyeliner Prices

Rose eyeliner price
Stylus liquid eyeliner rose 42.000 rupees
Rose eyeliner pencil 43,000 rupees
Rose Stylus Gel Eyeliner IDR 50,500

In addition to being waterproof, now comes an eyeliner that has other functions such as a smudge-proof eyeliner that doesn’t fade with grease. Smudgeproof eyeliner is ideal for those with oily skin. However, keep in mind that smudge-proof eyeliner is only resistant to sebum, not fading. If you are looking for a product that does not break when subjected to friction, look for one that does not fade on the packaging.

[1] Basuki, Kinkin. 2001. Look beautiful with self-care. Jakarta: Gramedia Pustaka Utama, p. 58.

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