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After Khuzairi said he would learn to love her at the end of yesterday’s episode, there was joy on Nurul Ain’s face. The string, he began to win back the heart of the main character `7HM3″.

Even in front of Mia Adriana herself, Nurul is said to have alleged that she was worried about the power plant and at the same time hoped that Khuzari would walk into the restaurant holding her hand.

Ahaa so sweet, kind of newlyweds… kompang hammered, the bride is embarrassed. However, Khuzairi chose to focus on his wife only, including when at the table.

Most touching, Fatin’s character who happened to be there also `touched ‘Nurul Ain in a subtle way.

When Khuzairi fed food to Mia Adriana’s mouth, he joked that they behaved exactly like the newlyweds while singing the song `Kompang Dipalu ‘

I don’t remember the kindness of the woman eh… Ri is ready to close her album, it’s hard to take care of your heart.
Apparently, the conversation between Nurul Ain and Khuzairi while at the clinic before that was also overheard by him.

Thus, Fatin Husna stated that she understands the dilemma of feelings that is plaguing Mia Adriana.

He even questioned Nurul’s real intention to get married, while Mia’s feelings were ignored.

Matching Nurul’s face, satisfied with this scene… Fatin’s children also had time to cover Mia’s heart.

Following the scene, many fans returned to support and love the character of Fatin Husna because she has started to be Mia Adriana’s ‘backup’.

In the meantime, they are also angry with the character of Nurul Ain who is described as if she has never deviated from her evil intentions before.

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