Fans outraged after exposing the brave body of Tyra Banks

The “Under Deck” star has been chased by fans after she posted in the past about being disgraced by Tyra Banks.

Here’s what you need to know:

Rachel Hargrove criticized Tyra Banks for calling her a “plus-size model” during a 2005 ANTM audition.

Only on July 22, ‘Belo Dick’ chef Rachel Hargrove shared The tweet has since been deleted ‘America’s Next Top Model’ host targets Tyra Banks.

The tweet reads: “Do you remember Tyrabanks calling me a plus-size model when I was a size 2?” Then he included an “unflattering” photo of the retired supermodel.

The tweet was a reference to Hargrove’s audition for ANTM in 2005.

Fans weren’t happy with Hargrove revealing Banks’ bodies in response to something that happened over 15 years ago.

“So… the person with physical shame turns around and shames someone else. I get you,” Someone answered. Hargrove replied to Tweet“No… take accountability…” is I followed this tweet with another post“A lot of my previous actors have told me how the show caused them to develop body dysmorphic disorder… that’s why I gave my comment.”

then She tweeted, citing herself, and wrote“God knows we love anorexia nervosa? No… sorry not Satan’s day.”

Fans criticized Hargrove for “perpetuating the same narrative of discord and hate” through a tweet to Banks

Fans didn’t buy her Logic.

“Does that make it acceptable to stoop to a level?” Someone tweeted.

“I totally understand that you and your peers have been hurt, but perpetuating the same fat-burning narrative you’ve been through isn’t fair to the same women you speak for. I know it’s hard not to match people’s energy sometimes but you can point out her hypocrisy without feeling ashamed,” One fan tweeted.

“Hey girl, we’ve all seen YouTube videos featuring ANTM. We know the show was a trash fire, I just wanted an extra bit of attention so people could #hints,” Someone wrote.

Many fans pointed out that the comment was not Banks but his fellow judge Jay Manuel.

“Tyra has never called you in addition to the size Jay called you. Tyra was a model herself. She did what she claimed (lied) I did to you, Tyra” Someone tweeted.

“Why do you always lie for sympathy? Tyra never said that, Jay did. Also, get over it” Someone else wrote.

When asked why she deleted the tweet, Hargrove shared a screenshot while typing“I received a lot of DMS with death threats…”

Tyra Banks says body positivity is finally ‘evolution’ and activists are ‘daring’ more than before

In a March 2021 interview, Banks defended body positivity and its reach.

“It’s so funny because over the past 20 years, I’ve been one of the leaders in this. In beauty and body image diversity. However, I think what [body positivity activists] They are doing it bolder today,” Banks people said. “There is a development.”

Banks tells of the time she was a fat sham by a tabloid in 2007.

“[The paparazzi] They thought they caught me taking a shower, but I was modeling in Australia.” “I remember being on the cover of this magazine and a bunch of tabloids. I was at the grocery store in line and this woman was just looking at me and we were looking at the magazine cover together. I didn’t know her, but I kind of looked at her because I got bread or something to say, “Tyra, if they say you’re fat, what am I?”

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