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On May 22, Maudy Ayunda surprised the public by releasing a series of sweet photos from her happy day with her idol. The series of sweet photos show that Maudy Ayunda is married to Jesse Choi, a man from South Korea.

Both educated and intelligent, here are the facts, profile, and religion of Jesse Choi, her husband Maudy Ayunda! Come on, just scroll down slowly!

Meet at Stanford University

It is known, Maudy Ayunda is an artist and singer from Indonesia who earned a bachelor’s degree at Oxford University and a master’s degree at the Stanford business school.

Apparently, when at Stanford Maudy Ayunda met a man from South Korea who turned out to be her husband now.

Maudy Ayunda’s husband, Jesse Choi is an alumni of South High School High School (2009), a bachelor’s degree at Columbia University (2013), a master’s degree at Stanford University (2021).

In his personal Medium account, Jesse Choi briefly described Maudy Ayunda’s good things.

“Maudy is an Indonesian singer-songwriter, actress, writer, activist, entrepreneur, storyteller… wow, that’s great! He and I consider ourselves very lucky to have graduated from GSB this June.” Jesse Choi wrote quoted in his Medium account on Monday, (23/05/2022).

“I personally consider him to be one of the wisest and wisest individuals I have ever met, so I can’t think of anyone better to collaborate with on this list.” continued Jesse who wrote a list which he thought was very fun when discussing this with Maudy Ayunda.

Jesse Choi . Job

Based on his Linkedin account, Jesse Choi turned out to be continuing his business field while he was pursuing higher education at a well-known university.

Jesse Choi turned out to be an Entrepreneur In Residence (EIR) at a technology venture fund company called AC Ventures. Even better, Jesse Choi is an investor in The 21 Fund.

In 2013-2016, Jesse Choi also worked as a Senior Associate Consultant.

Through his Medium account, Jesse Choi also admitted that he was amazed by Southeast Asia regarding economic developments.

“At the same time, as I have written in the past, Southeast Asia is uniquely attractive to me from an economic development point of view. Remember With the rapid and inevitable short-term growth in the region, I know that my years here will be a tremendous investment in my future. And I’m really excited to contribute to the innovation ecosystem and leave my mark. At the very least, it would be a great story.” the story.


Jesse Choi is a man from South Korea who has been raised in the United States for a long time. Through his Medium account, Jesse Choi also added Los Angeles as his hometown.

The interesting fact is that Jesse Choi turned out to be a convert, you know. This was known when Bunyamin, Head of the Office of Religious Affairs (KUA) Cilandak District.

“His name is Jesse Ji Seok Choi,” said Bunyamin at the Cilandak KUA Office, South Jakarta on Monday (23/05/2022).

“Because in our country we must have one creed. So he (Jesse Choi) must be a Muslim,” he said.

Apparently, Jesse Choi and Maudy Ayunda had made the contract on May 22, 2022 at Maudy’s parents’ house.

Jesse Choi has converted to Islam at the Istiqlal Mosque.

“He converted to Islam at the Istiqlal Mosque which was guided by Mr. Kh. Nazaruddin Umar. I saw in the Islamic deed that the Islamic certificate was on March 25, 2022,” he explained.

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