Facts About the History of the World’s Internet and Indonesia Until 2022

In this modern era, who is not familiar with the internet? It turns out that, even though they now have very easy access, in terms of the history of the internet and its development, it takes quite a long time, you know. Like what it is, here are some facts about the history of the internet.

What is the Internet

Nowadays, the term internet seems to be no longer a foreign thing for many people. In fact, almost all aspects of life today are already many who use the internet. This network is of course able to connect many people from many regions and seems to have no boundaries.

According to the Indonesian dictionary, the internet itself can be interpreted as an electronic communication network that can connect various devices such as computers and various types of other facilities in an organized manner throughout the world.

The Internet has become the most extensive technology network system. With the internet, many devices can be connected easily. We can even exchange information and even send messages easily to many people around the world.

Even with the internet’s long history, today’s human way of life can be said to have undergone many changes. We can even do and know many things easily through the internet and various devices connected to the network.

Internet History and Development Facts

The history and development of the internet is indeed considered quite long, even since decades ago. When summarized further, here are some interesting facts about the development of the internet.

1. The concept of the internet has been around since the 1960s

Did you know that initially, the internet wasn’t called “the internet”? In fact, the first concept of this network was originally called the “galactic network”. This concept itself was first coined by Joseph Licklider in 1962.

Licklider thought about how people around the world could be connected to each other through computers, while at the same time enabling everyone to access information quickly. The concept of internet history is of course the same and in accordance with what is meant about the internet today.

Thanks to his concept of thinking, Licklider who is a psychologist from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is considered to be one of the important figures in the world of computer science and the history of general computing. Moreover, the concept of this galactic network is then realized through further testing and development.

2. Test the internet concept

In 1964, Licklider entered into the DARPA project (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) which is an agency of the United States Department of Defense. The organization which was originally called ARPA (Advanced Research Projects Agency) was responsible for developing the latest technology for use by the US military at that time.

In this organization, Licklider then convinced his successors such as Ivan Sutherland, Bob Taylor, to Lawrence G. Roberts about the importance of the network concept. In fact, this is supported by the publication of scientific journals from Leornard Kleinrock of MIT who wrote about the theory of exchanging packets.

Through these concepts and theories, the ARPA organization began to apply the network concept. By using two giant computers, Roberts et al managed to connect the computer via a telephone cable network which is slow speed. From here the forerunner and history of the first computer internet began to take shape.

Seeing this success, Roberts began to try to develop the concept of a computer network called the ARPANET. In the end, the project was able to run and was then piloted at the Stanford Research Institute (SRI).

About a month after the test was conducted, the first host-to-host message was then sent from the Kleinrock lab to the SRI. From here the connection began to spread to several universities in the US such as the University of California Santa Barbara and the University of Utah.

3. The emergence of the electronic mail system

Furthermore, the history of the internet is growing after the discovery of the e-mail or electronic mail system around 1972. This was done by Bob Kahn as one of the architectural designers of the ARPANET. He demonstrated the ARPANET at the International Computer Communication Conference (ICCC).

This demonstration became the first public demonstration conducted regarding internet network technology. Of course this is one of the important developments in the history of the internet because it can then be known in various circles.

In the same year, the introduction of e-mail or electronic mail was also introduced thanks to the invention of Roy Tomlinson who succeeded in sending e-mail in 1971. From this discovery and introduction, e-mail has become one of the largest networks to this day.

4. Four foundational rules of internet design

As the internet network was known and developed, a protocol system began to emerge or later named Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP). There are four things that form the basis for the formation of TCP / IP, including:

  • Each disparate network must be independent with no internal changes required
  • If a message does not reach the destination, then the message will immediately return to the source of the sender
  • The existence of gateways and routers as network connectors that do not store individual message information
  • There will be no control globally at the operational level

5. The spread of the internet network throughout the world

In short, the history of the internet began to expand throughout the world after the launch of this TCP/IP protocol standard. This is also thanks to the research agency that replaced the ARPANET, namely the National Science Foundation Network or more commonly known as NSFNET in 1986. It was this NSFNET which later succeeded in connecting several international networks from various countries.

Internet Development in Indonesia

So, what about the history of the Indonesian internet? When did the internet start to appear in Indonesia? Apparently, the presence of the internet in Indonesia took about 30 years after the internet concept began to be discovered, or to be precise around 1994.

The development of internet networks in Indonesia has actually been started since 1992 by several figures such as Onno W. Purbo, M. Smik Ibrahim, Suryono Adisoemarta, and friends who gave their expertise and dedication in building internet and computer networks in Indonesia.

Gradually, Indonesia began to have its first internet service in 1994 under the name IPTEKNET. In the same year, PT IndoInternet or IndoNet emerged as the first commercial internet service provider (ISP) owned by Indonesia.

The development of the internet in Indonesia is also growing rapidly along with the development of the internet throughout the world. Even in 2021 alone, internet penetration in Indonesia has reached more than 212 million people, making Indonesia one of the countries with the largest internet users in the world.

Those are some things related to the long and complicated history of the internet and its development. Now, everyone can experience the internet from anywhere, anytime, and through any device, either a computer or a mobile phone, of course with various purposes of use. Make sure you use the internet wisely, for example to learn online business.

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