F4 paper size in inches, cm, mm, pixels in Word and Excel

Paper Size F4 – There are many types of paper that we can use for certain purposes, for example in making our own paper, it is very popular with F4 paper type. The reason is that type F4 is more often used for printing purposes than other types. However, do you know what paper size F4 is? Some people may still not understand this, so on this occasion we will explain it in detail.

Previously, F4 paper was a kind of non-standard paper that was very popular and widely used in Southeast Asia, one of which is Indonesia. And it has a dimension that is not included in one of the international ISO papers. And remember, if the dimensions of this f4 paper are very large when compared to the size of A4 paper, which is no less popular and is also widely used in Indonesia.

Another word for F4 paper is folio paper, you are probably already familiar with this type of paper. In addition, the f4 size is not available in any version of Microsoft Office, because at the stage of writing or performing the printing process, we usually use manual settings. So, there are several ways to set it, let’s see how it goes below.

What is the F4 paper size in inches, CM, and MM?

Paper has become an important role in our daily life, especially when it comes to school, work and others. As discussed earlier, the paper types that are often used in Indonesia are F4 and A4.

Below is the F4 paper size in inches and centimeters and also the MM you should know.

measruing unit paper length paper width
millimeters 215 330
Centimeter 21.5 33
inch 8.74 12.99
Image Credit: Blogpress.id

How to set the F4 paper size on the printer

Paper is distinguished by the size and type of each. Therefore, before using the sheet, we must first arrange it. Especially the widely used F4 paper, this type of paper is usually already chosen for Word and Excel. So, if you don’t know it, please refer to the steps we are going to provide below.

#1. Adjust F4 Paper Size in Word

First, we will show you how to adjust the F4 d word paper size, you can immediately follow the methods below.

  1. First, please enter the word
  2. Next, select Page layout So you can see the different paper sizes
  3. Next, tap sizeto be able to select the type of paper size to be used
  4. click More paper sizeTo be able to adjust the paper size
  5. In the Width column please write the number 22.59 cm and the height 33 cm.
  6. However, you can also write the numbers 8.5 and 13
  7. After that, please click OK and it can be saved in the settings

In Word, there are usually some special settings for you to choose the type of paper, or buy any paper. The important thing for you is to be able to choose high quality paper. So that the results obtained subsequently are much better.

#2. Adjust F4 Paper Size in Excel

Not much different from the word, you can also apply the same as above. But, you have to follow the method below.

  1. Open Excel
  2. Then select the menu Page layout And it’s on paper
  3. Next, select size See some of the available sizes
  4. please click folio In order to use F4
  5. If you have, portrait and landscape mode are available, you can adjust the position of the paper as you wish
  6. Click OK when everything is done, and you can save it in Settings

These are the two easy ways you can try yourself to set paper size in Word and Excel. You can modify it according to your individual needs. If you already know which method and paper size to set, this will make your work easier later on.

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That’s all there is to say about the F4 paper size. In both ways you can apply yourself, for work or other needs. We hope this article was useful to all of you. Thanks.

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