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Explanation of the Practicum Report

Regarding the practicum report, it is already familiar to students and students, now that is the result of the practicum experiment carried out.

Sometimes, many students and students often have problems when making the report. Its purpose is to explain an experiment.

It contains many important sections such as hypotheses, lists of tools and materials, as well as raw data from compiled experiments.

With this report, it must have a purpose of its own. Explanation of the practicum report? Don’t worry, here’s the explanation. Let’s see!

What is a Practicum Report? Here, an explanation of the practicum report

Explanation of Complete Practicum Report

For every student and student, especially those from the exact sciences, it is already familiar with the name practicum report.

Each practicum report writing will outline the student’s goals and objectives as well as explain the reasons behind the practicum with the procedure explaining yes.

In addition, it can be said that it is part of teaching that aims to give students the opportunity to test and implement in real situations.

Well, the practicum report is a form of explaining what the individual did during the practical experience and the results of the experience carried out.

The authorship of this report is actually used to explain and structure the text of the experimental report carried out with data analysis techniques and this is the explanation from several experts:

Explanation of Practicum Reports According to Experts

Practicum is indeed a series of learning processes for students from educational staff, especially in observing objects.

In addition to analyzing, they will also prove and make conclusions or reports from the observations that have been made previously.

The trial report will be in writing, either handwritten or using a typewriter. There are several definitions of practicum according to experts, namely:


According to Lunetta, Practicum is learning experiences in which students interact with material or with secondary data sources to observe and understand the natural world.


From the experts this time, the meaning of practicum is: one way of teaching with the aim that students can get the opportunity to test.


According to Soekarno, for the practicum method is a a way of teaching that gives students the opportunity to find a fact or prove an important fact to know.

Djamarah and Zain

The explanation of the practicum according to Djamarah and Zain, as a learning process by educators for students to be able to experiment and experience it for themselves about the material being studied.


In addition, according to Winataputra, the meaning of practicum is: the way of presentation that is arranged by students actively so that they can experience and prove for themselves what they have learned.

Contents of Practicum Report? This is the content that fits the order

A report will indeed have content with different formats, but in general it will have a format that is the basis for writing.

With that said, here are some contents that fit the order in the writing:

Report Title

When writing a report, first determine which report will be written at the beginning or the first sheet, more precisely at the top of the page.

In addition, don’t forget to put the cover under it and also give the name of the school and the school year, especially under the cover.

Practical Purpose

The practicum must have its own purpose and in one group or class it will usually be the same. While still researching or testing the same thing.

For example, when a class is going to examine the highest glucose content found in pineapples. That way, one class will have the same goal for the practicum.

Theoretical Foundation (Background)

The report must contain a theoretical basis or commonly referred to as a background. This section will be used as an introduction in writing the report.

The contents in it start from understanding, especially understanding according to experts with various kinds and types. But if in practice there is a tester, then write about it.

Tools and materials

In the tools and writing materials section, what has been used in the practicum has been done. The writing can be put together in one point.

However, it can also be separated by the terms used. However, they are usually combined in one point to become points a.) tools and points b.) materials.

Work Procedure (How to Make)

After entering the tools and materials, then you can write how to make it or commonly called the work procedure in the test or experiment.

In the way of making it, it can be started with “Prepare tools and materials”, because in practicum both must be present.

This stage will help students in particular, how to apply general knowledge and principles into real situations.

Observation result

The contents in accordance with the arrangement of the next practicum report are the results of observations, observe what happens in the practicum to be included in a report.

The results obtained need to be recorded as a form of research data and the data can be entered into a table, before including a discussion to explain the results.


This section will contain a related explanation of all the experiments that have been carried out. That way, you only need to discuss them one by one.

The discussion starts from the results of observations that have been made, the suitability of the data obtained with the theoretical basis and errors that occurred during the experiment.

In this section, research data will be discussed in detail. The discussion is usually done by describing the data, then discussed using the existing literature.


This section will contain what has been done in the practical will be concluded. Its manufacture, has the aim of making it easier to understand briefly.

Conclusions are statements that are considered as propositions in the sentence delivered, because they are taken from several statements of ideas with several rules.

Some have argued, that conclusions are one of the most important components of any research paper or report. Or, to make it easier to understand briefly.

Quite important and must exist, because this section will contain what is obtained in the experiments that have been carried out. Generally, this section addresses the purpose of the experiment.


The definition of a bibliography is a referenced source for writing academic papers, besides that this section is one of the scientific notation techniques derived from reading sources or reference sources.

The theoretical basis and discussion section will indeed require other sources as a definite reference. In addition, to strengthen the contents of the report and here is an example:

  • Aldrich, R. J. 1984. Weed Crop Ecology Principles in Weed Management. Wadsworth, Inc., Belmont. California USA. p : 92-126 ; 210-244.
  • Bradbeer,J.W.1989.Seed Dormancy and Germination. Chapman & Hall, NewYork. 146p.
  • Justice, OL and LN Bass., 1990. Principles and Practice of Seed Saving. Rajawali Press. Jakarta.

The final word!

That is the explanation of the practicum report that we have explained, as well as the contents in accordance with the arrangement in order to be able to make it correctly and correctly.


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