Experiencing Mild Tremors, 18 -Month -Old Boy Recorded Trampling & Falling Into Sewer

An 18-month-old child was reported to have fallen into a sewer five feet deep while walking with his mother.

Citing a Daily Mail report, the victim stepped on the sewer cover and continued to fall.

The incident that took place in Tenderden, Kent, United Kingdom was successfully recorded by a closed circuit camera (CCTV) from his neighbour’s house.

The panicked mother of the victim was seen going straight into the sewer to save her son.

She managed to hold and lift her son out of the sewer.

However, his son’s shirt is believed to be filled with sewage waste.

“The first thing I thought at the time was‘ Oh my God, he’s dead ’.

“I pulled the drain cover and saw him downstairs, shouting my name.

“I jumped into the drain but it was very narrow and I couldn’t bend over to reach it.

“It’s so deep that you can’t see my head from the outside,” he said.

After being successfully removed, the victim was taken to William Harvey Ashford Hospital and diagnosed with mild concussions.

The child also swallowed water in the sewer.

Add the 23 -year -old mother, they were both at the time out to go to her father’s house.

“He ran and stood on the cover and kept falling,” he said.

The incident took place on a public road and the sewage treatment company, Southern Water has reportedly apologized to the victim’s family.

They also said they would take the matter seriously.

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Source: Daily Mail

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