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Examples of Work Motivation, Living, Learning, Love, Success

Motivation – Motivation is one way that is often done to increase the spirit of life and enthusiasm for yourself when you feel down. There are many motivational words that can be taken from several important figures that friends can learn to use as motivational triggers.

What is Motivation

Motivation is a process that provides an explanation of the intensity, direction and persistence of an individual to be able to achieve his goals. There are three main elements in this definition including intensity, direction and persistence.

Motivation can be a basis or an underlying reason for someone to do something. Motivation itself is owned by the person and is a very strong reason for someone to be able to achieve what they want.

However, in society motivation is defined as a spirit, motivation is used to encourage someone to be able to do what they want and achieve it.

So that there are two understandings of motivation in society that we know today, the first motivation is defined as a reason and the second motivation is defined as a spirit.

Motivational Form

Everyone actually has a motivation within himself that becomes the spirit and spurs himself to be better. This spirit can come from anywhere, it can come from oneself or from outside factors.

These two factors can have a great impact if they are present together to encourage someone to be motivated. So in addition to motivating yourself, motivation from the closest people such as family or friends. Can be a great encouragement to someone when they need it.

The following are forms of motivation that friends can learn to learn:

Extrinsic Motivation

This motivation comes from outside, for example from family, friends or something that makes someone motivated. Building and growing the spirit of yourself can come from external factors.

Intrinsic Motivation

Not only from outside, motivation can also grow and develop within oneself and have a positive influence on the person. In order to be able to do something of value and meaning.

Motivational Factors

There are two factors that lead to self-motivation, the following are the factors:

Internal Factors (Internal)

This factor comes from oneself and raises the spirit to be able to do what must be done. We don’t have to wait for motivation from other people or from outside. But by cultivating motivation in ourselves, then we will be able to do what we should do as well as possible.

Some of the things that are included in the motivation of internal factors are as follows:

1.) Self-esteem and achievement that can cause motivation in us when we want the achievement we want. That way we will try to do our best, even 200% of the effort will be expended. So that we can prove our achievements and raise our self-esteem.

2.) Needs can also lead to motivation because of the need for something in our lives. Then we will be motivated to fulfill that need.

3.) There is hope that we want to achieve will make us try as much as possible to be able to achieve what we hope for in the future.

4.) Self-responsibility to work harder than others can also be self-motivation.

5.) Satisfaction when seeing the results of work will provide its own spirit and motivation that comes from within us. And encourage us to work harder and better than others.

External Factors (External)

External factors are also one of the factors that are quite important to foster motivation within us. Because with external factors, we will feel more motivated. For example from family or friends around us.

There are several things that can be external factors, including:

1.) The type and nature of work can be one of the impetus for someone to work harder and better. Because it is influenced by large and tempting rewards.

2.) The working group is also one of the motivations for us to give our best and work better.

3.) Working conditions can make a person motivated to work according to his expectations.

4.) Interpersonal relationships that come from family, friends, relatives and friends become one of the motivational drivers for someone to be better.

Motivation Function

This motivation also has several functions including:

1.) Support the emergence of an action and hard work from someone to do something as good as possible.

2.) Become a director to realize one’s dreams and life goals.

3.) Being a driving force for someone to be able to do something as well as possible.

Examples of Motivation

Not only will we provide a discussion of motivation, we have also prepared several examples of motivation. Hopefully it can provide motivation for friends to learn and foster enthusiasm.

Here we have some examples of motivation, ranging from work motivation, life, study, love and success motivation. Hopefully it can be used as a trigger of motivation for all of us.

Work motivation

Life motivation

Learning Motivation

Love Motivation

Success Motivation

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Well, those are some of the motivations that we can put together, hopefully they can increase the enthusiasm for all of our friends in living life.

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