Examples of Short Fables for Children (Crocodile and the Mouse Deer)

Do you remember, what fairy tale title did you like the most as a child? Maybe you’ve forgotten. Fairy tales or fables are indeed the stories that children like the most.

How not, this fable tells the stories of the animals complete with a moral message in it. Come on, try to read some examples of fable stories below!

Examples of Short Fables

The Goodness of the Tiger

One day the tiger was sitting under a tree eating his favorite biscuit. Elsewhere, the tiger’s friends are so busy playing throwing balls. The tiger’s friends who played with were lions, bears, goats, deer, and monkeys.

It was such a sunny day, so they were very happy to play on the pitch. Beside the field, there is a fish pond which is quite wide and deep.

When they were enjoying the game of throwing the ball, suddenly the lion was too strong to throw the ball. So the ball just went out of the field and plunged into the fish pond. Everyone panicked, because none of them could swim.

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Because the wind was quite strong, the ball was actually getting in the middle of the pool and getting harder to reach. The lion felt guilty for making the atmosphere less fun.

The deer and monkeys scolded the lion and made the situation worse. When they argued, suddenly the tiger ran fast and entered the pond.

The tiger swam and immediately picked up the ball. To everyone’s surprise, after the tiger returned to the field, they thanked the tiger.

Examples of Children’s Fable Stories


Lizards and Mosquitoes

Lizards are the most skilled animals in climbing walls. Even he can run fast while crawling on the wall. Every day, lizards hunt mosquitoes.

Lizards will catch mosquitoes flying nearby with their long tongues. Mosquitoes always lose, no one can fight lizards. Until one day, there was a very lucky mosquito.

There was a small mosquito flying weakly, she almost fell. When the position is close to the lizard, of course the mosquito will be good food for the lizard.

But apparently, when the lizard was ready to devour the mosquito, the mosquito whimpered and cried. Hearing the moan, the lizard was surprised and did not eat it. The lizard then asked what happened to the mosquito.

Crying mosquitoes also told him that he was so weak because he had not eaten for days. Usually he is fed by his mother, but his mother has been eaten by lizards.

The little mosquito has not been able to find its own food, until now it feels very hungry. He begged the lizard not to eat it, he even asked for help so the lizard could feed him.

Hearing the story of the mosquito, the lizard also felt very touched and felt sorry. He also could not bear to eat it. Soon, the lizard invited the mosquitoes to stop at the lizard’s house.

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The lizard provides the little mosquito with delicious food and drink. Even the little mosquito was allowed to stay in the lizard’s house for a while until he felt healthy.

Finally the mosquitoes can return to health and enthusiasm. Then the mosquito left the lizard’s house, the little mosquito also didn’t forget to thank the lizard.

It turns out that there are still lizards that are kind to mosquitoes, even though many like to prey on mosquitoes.

The Crocodile’s Greed


In a river that is quite deep, there is a very large male crocodile. Because of its large body, the crocodile always eats in large portions. That day, the crocodile was still very hungry because he only ate small fish in the river.

Crocodiles continue to swim and look for other prey. Until finally the crocodile saw a swan singing on the river bank.

The crocodile swam slowly so that the geese wouldn’t know it. But after getting close enough, the goose saw the crocodile and swiftly fled. Oh dear, the swan was caught by the crocodile.

The swan struggled and begged the crocodile not to eat it. The goose also said that it is better for the crocodile to eat the buffalo because it has much more meat.

Without thinking the crocodile immediately went to the forest to look for buffalo. An hour of walking, the crocodile finally met a very fat buffalo.

The crocodile bit the buffalo’s leg from behind until the buffalo fell down. The buffalo was crying and screaming, and begged not to be eaten by crocodiles. The buffalo said it was better for the crocodile to eat the elephant so it would be fuller.

Hearing the advice of the buffalo, the crocodile thought about the deliciousness of elephant meat which was very much. The buffalo was released, and the crocodile rushed to leave the buffalo to look for the elephant.

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After arriving at the elephant’s house, the crocodile was very enthusiastic to eat it. But unfortunately, the elephant had already known the presence of the crocodile.

Elephants already know that crocodiles have evil intentions, which are to eat them. The elephant immediately stepped on the crocodile with its very large feet.

Because the crocodile’s body is at the bottom, of course the crocodile can’t fight the elephant whose body is very large and standing strong. Finally the crocodile died, because it could not breathe due to being stepped on by an elephant.

The Clever Deer and the Stupid Crocodile


It turns out that not all crocodiles are vicious. There are also crocodiles who are very stupid or stupid, crocodiles are very easy to deceive and fool. Like a herd of crocodiles in this river, they look fierce but very stupid.

One day, they were tricked by a deer who was already known to be clever. The mouse deer wanted to cross the river, but there were no boats or boats that could be climbed.

In the river there were only crocodiles and small fish swimming. The mouse deer always has a bright idea in solving a problem. The mouse deer called the crocodiles and asked which of them would like to be given a gift.

Of course all the crocodiles shouted “I want”. The mouse deer nodded with a happy smile. Mouse Deer told the crocodiles to form a neat line.

The goal is that the deer can count the number of crocodiles, so that all can get a gift from the deer. The crocodiles finally pushed each other so that they could line up in the front position. They are afraid of not getting a prize if the row is at the back.

After finishing lining up, the deer got ready to count the number of crocodiles. The mouse deer counted while walking leisurely on the crocodile’s back. After reaching the other side, the mouse deer just laughed out loud.

The crocodiles were confused and wondered. The mouse deer just waved while running away from them saying “you guys are so stupid!”.

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From the examples of fables above, which is your favorite title? Creating a fable is actually a very fun activity.

That way, your creativity and imagination will be honed and developed. Do not forget to emphasize the moral message in each story, so that children can take good lessons from the stories they hear.

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