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Example of Class 1 English Questions and Answer Keys

Hello friends this time we will convey material about Example of English Class 1 Elementary School – the most complete & reliable including multiple choice / Essay questions and answer keys, Semester 1 – 2 so that it is easy to understand.

Sample Material for Class 1 English Questions English lessons are one of the main subjects at the elementary school (SD) level. Because this lesson is usually used in conversations that use English.

Here we will give some examples of questions, especially elementary school grade 1 (SD).

Alright guys just take a look at the reviews below huh…?

Example of Practice English Questions for Elementary School Grade 1 Semesters 1 & 2 Complete Multiple Choice and Essay

  1. The spelling of m – o – t – h – e – r is.
    A. Em – ti – eij – er
    B. In – te – ha – er
    c. In – te – ha – er
    Answer: a
  2. Sndyau is the right word.
    A. yellow
    b. Sunday
    c. monkey
    Answer: b
  3. I have green apples. The English sentence is.
    A. I have a green apple
    b. I have a white apple
    c. I have a green apple
    Answer: c
  4. White in Indonesian.
    b. orange
    c. red
    Answer: a
  5. We ran with.
    A. feet
    b. mouth
    c. tongue
    Answer: a
  6. We have two eyes. The English sentence is.
    A. We have two hands
    b. We have two eyes
    c. We have two ears
    Answer: b
  7. We have two Indonesian eyes.
    A. We have two legs
    b. We have two eyes
    c. We have two ears
    Answer: b
  8. This is my mother, Indonesian.
    A. This is my sister
    b. This is my brother
    c. This is my mother
    Answer: c
  9. My father is a doctor
    Are Indonesians.
    A. My mother is a teacher
    b. My father is a doctor
    c. My brother is a teacher
    Answer: b
  10. Grandma in English.
    A. Brothers and Sisters
    b. grandmother
    c. grandpa
    Answer: b
  11. Aunt in Indonesian.
    A. uncle
    b. father
    c. aunt
    Answer: c
  12. This is the kitchen. english sentence
    A. This is the bathroom
    b. This is the living room
    c. This is the kitchen
    Answer: c
  13. The living room in Indonesia is.
    b. research
    c. family room
    Answer: c
  14. Feet in Indonesia.
    In front of
    b. cheek
    c. foot
    Answer: c
  15. What’s Bryan like?
    A tomato
    b. orange
    c. spinach
    Answer: c
  16. Bryan often eats spinach.
    A. Every day
    b. Evening
    c. early days
    Answer: b
  17. What color is spinach?
    b. white
    c. green
    Answer: c
  18. The taste of spinach is.
    A. Salty
    b. Sweet
    c. delicious
    Answer: c
  19. Vegetables in Indonesian.
    A. Reis
    b. fruit
    c. Vegetables
    Answer: c

20. The 7th boss is in Indonesia.
b. head
c. cheek
Answer: b

Problem Essay:

  1. Enter the correct word
    Hand (A – H – D – N) = ……………
  2. How many legs do you have? (Two)
  3. Number after ten = ..
  4. The day after Monday is…
  5. ………… I clean (bedroom).

Well Guys So yes, we can review the discussion about the Example of Class 1 English Problems.

Hopefully this very simple understanding can add to our knowledge, thank you so much.


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