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Evertale Mod APK Download Latest Version Infinite Money 2022

ZigZaGame as a development company game have released at least four game in the Google Play Store. But there is one game which received better responses than the other three, namely Evertale. or role playing game which is similar to Pokemon.

As Evertale evolves, this game now has a modified version, namely Evertale Mod APK. There will be some extra features that you can enjoy in it and maybe you can’t get them in the original version. For more details, continue reading this article till the end.

Evertale Storyline Mod APK

Every 100 years, the world of Erden suffers from a great calamity called Pandemonium. This time, the threat came unexpectedly sooner, only 18 years after the last disaster. This can only be a bad omen for Erden and would be life-threatening inside.

However, whatever bad things may come, there will be a good sign that follows. The new quartet of heroes meet, planning a final battle to end the disaster for Erden. Gradually, they grew into formidable warriors.

They are all brave warriors, willing to sacrifice to bring good things to Erden’s future life. Your job is to make sure they are strong enough to fight until Erden is out of harm’s way.

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In terms of graphics, game It is also capable of rendering quality images. Every village, building and also battle effects are displayed quite nicely. You will not feel bored watching the animation for a long time.

In addition to the graphic section, the audio effects that are applied throughout the game can also help us experience every step of the adventure that we do. It kind of gives you a desire to keep exploring all the areas on the map.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Evertale Mod APK


1. Advantages

  • There are many heroes and monsters available.
  • The story that is built up is quite interesting to follow.
  • Many items can be used to strengthen the hero.

2. Deficiencies

  • although game this belongs to the genre open worldbut the map provided is too small.
  • Each session or Chapter it feels too short.
  • Not too focused on catching and training monsters like Pokemon. Although the experience of playing this way is very interesting.

Gameplay Evertale Mod APK

Game Game-Evertale-Mod-APK

Build a powerful army to fight against dangerous enemies in Evertale. Fans genre role playing will definitely be satisfied with game this. You can practice your character’s skills through hundreds of battles against the beasts of Erden and many other dark forces.

During the battle, capture monsters and train them to fight in your fortress. This is a key factor in helping you build a strong army. You should take advantage of every advantage, especially when facing the most dangerous bosses in this Evertale Mod APK.

This giant monster can put your soldiers to sleep, make them unable to attack, and use devastating magic to destroy your troops. But you don’t need to worry because you can use tactics to switch from using magic to combo attacks.

Evertale Differences Original Version with Evertale Mod APK


There are two main differences in this modified version of Evertale compared to the original version. The two differences are:

  • Unlimited Money – As it is unlimited money, You are free to buy various items or other things needed to form a strong team.
  • A killing blow – It seems a bit excessive, but just for fun you can use this feature. You don’t need to use all your magic or perform combos to finish off your opponents.
  • Unlimited Team Rates – With this feature you don’t need to get confused anymore in determining the team. You are free to form a team as you wish.
  • Can be played offline – When there is no internet connection, you can still play Evertale Mod APK smoothly. So, whenever you feel bored, you can play game even if you are in a remote forest.
  • with full payment – All paid features in game Evertale is unlocked and you can use all its features freely.

records : When playing the modded version of the Evertale game, you cannot play the PvP mode.

Features of Evertale Mod APK

When you play game Here you will find pleasure in it. There are several features that do game it’s worth playing. Some of them are as follows:

1. Play with friends

Play with friend

If you feel lonely while exploring the world of Evertale, invite your friends to participate in real-time 4v4 battles.

System inside game will automatically find an opponent for you, but before you head out onto the battlefield, it’s a good idea to build solid and flexible tactics with your teammates to maximize your chances of winning the fight.

2. Capture and Train monsters


Like Pokemon, game it also gives you the ability to capture certain monsters, train them, and incorporate them into the troops you form to fight. Unfortunately, Evertale is not very focused on this feature.

However, if it can be maximized, game this will be much more fun. Even so, Mrmatrix it’s still fun to play.

3. Multiple missions

Multiple mission

You don’t have to worry about the adventures you will go on game This Evertale. You will be given many missions by the characters or search that is inside game. Complete every mission and win reward interesting after that.

4. Unlock all paid features

Unlock all paid features

In this modified version, you can use all the paid features for free. You also have unlimited money to buy various necessary things in the store. Other features like INJURY maximum, unlimited silver, or in offline mode you can access here.

Download and play Evertale Mod APK

You can download this game through Google Play Store or App Store. Only the available version is the original version and you won’t find the above extra features. Here you can download the modded version of Evertale game for free through the link below.

Nama game Evertale Mod APK
Version 1.0.52
mode Offline
Android 4.4 +

How to install Evertale

  • First please First download Evertale Mod APK file through above download link.
  • Once the file is successfully downloaded, click open and select Install.
  • Don’t forget to allow installation from external apps/ Unknown source in the following way:
install english mod
English language settings
install indo mod
Indonesian language settings
  • The installation process will continue for a while. Wait until the installation process is complete.
  • If so, you can run the Evertale app through the shortcut on your smartphone’s home page.

For those of you who like role-playing games like Pokemon, then there is no harm in trying to play this game Evertale Mod APK. In addition to presenting an exciting adventure, you can also capture monsters and train them to become a great warrior.

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