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ETH Wallet Money Making Apk Is Scam?

ETH Wallet Money Making Apk Is Scam? – Recently released a money maker with the name ETHDompet that offers income by doing the tasks provided.

When you successfully register an account, you can get a bonus of Rp. 8000 which will be added to your account balance.

However, the balance cannot be withdrawn immediately because it has not reached the minimum withdrawal limit, so you need to perform the given missions to increase your account balance.

Of course, the missions given are nothing new in the world of making money and easy for you to do.

To find out more about this ETH Wallet Apk, you can read this article to the end so you don’t fail to understand.

What is ETH Wallet Apk?

This ETH Wallet Apk is still a website that offers money through the given tasks that you need to do.

The main task of this ETH Wallet money making website is to make investments by buying the provided products.

Actually, there are many sites that provide services as before with different names.

Where you need to make a deposit of money in order to get money with some conditions that apply.

Apart from investing, there are also other missions that will help generate cash, for example, inviting friends.

How to Register ETH Wallet Apk

In order to use it, you must first register and enter the site to carry out the account registration process.

When you enter the site page, you will be asked to confirm a bonus of 8 thousand rupiah and proceed with registering as follows.

  1. Please enter the ETH Wallet Apk website
  2. Then enter the mobile number
  3. Then create a password
  4. Next enter the name
  5. Enter the security code beside
  6. Finally click register
  7. Done

After the registration process is complete and you are successful, you will be taken to the main page and you are ready to do the given task.

How to Get Money from ETH Wallet Apk

To earn money, you have to perform several available tasks and the main task is to make investments.

On the invest menu, you have provided investment options and you just have to choose and deposit as specified.

The lowest investment option is IDR 38,000 with a daily commission of IDR 3,800 for a period of 4 days.

But not only that, there are many other choices with a larger nominal up to Rp. 10,000,000 with a daily income of Rp. 2,000,000 for 4 days as well.

Then to find other missions you can enter the task menu then you will be able to do the task of inviting friends.

You just click copy the link and please copy the link for you to share with friends or you can directly click on the existing social media logos.

When you successfully invite 10 friends, you will get IDR 2,000 and if you can reach 100 invited friends, you will get IDR 20,000.

How to Withdraw ETH Wallet Apk Balance

If the account balance that you have managed to collect is large, you can proceed with the withdrawal process as follows:

  1. You enter the KU menu
  2. Then click withdraw
  3. Then you select a bank
  4. Next, enter the name of the account holder
  5. After that enter the account number
  6. Finally click send
  7. Done

You need to know that the minimum withdrawal that has been determined is IDR 30,000 with a handling fee of 10%.

Is ETH Wallet Apk Safe and Proven to Pay?

With so many moneymakers present at this time, of course, the hope that this ETH Wallet Apk pays is very much.

But sometimes expectations don’t match reality because there are also many lately who have not been proven to pay or are scams.

Although usually they will pay at the beginning of the release and a few days later they have succeeded in committing fraud.

So what about this ETH Wallet Apk, is it proven to pay and safe to use?.

When viewed from the scheme provided, it is very clear that it is not safe to use because it adheres to money game and ponzi schemes.

For payments to users, because it is still relatively new, the admin still cannot conclude and indeed there are no testimonials from users.

If you are interested in using it, you can be more careful so you don’t get caught up in fraudulent actions.

The final word

That’s it for information about the latest money-making ETH Wallet Apk 2022 that Admin can share with you.

That’s enough and see you soon.


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