Entrance Ticket Prices and Location Map of Perengan Park Bantul

Perengan Park’s Current Photo Spot
What can you do? Selfies, selfies and selfies
Opening hours 05.00–19.00
Price of admission IDR 5,000
Address Unnamed Road, Malangan, Srigading, Sanden, Bantul, Special Region of Yogyakarta 55763
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Talking about Bantul, there is no end to the new tourist destinations that have been opened, Perengan Park is one of the newest selfie spots in Bantul. The location is in Malangan village which is not far from the resoinagun flower garden in Sanden. The location is quite unique, namely tourists can take pictures with rice fields and flower gardens plus many objects as photo backgrounds, such as bicycles, laptops and others. The place is not too wide, but it’s enough just to take selfies with cool spots.

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The Perengan Park photo and video gallery below can be a reference for the best photo spots for you.

Moon Garden
Flower Garden Perengan Park Endut Old School Park Memories of the Garden of Perengan Crowded Swimming Park Afternoon Park Perengan Swimming Park

Perengan Garden Youtube Videos

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