Entire Kangdou mailboxes were ripped and robbed from a sugar-heavy urban community in Los Angeles County

Southern CaliforniaThe local security has been unstable lately, apart from the horrific looting and shop looting, there are also many petty thefts. On the morning of July 30, sugar-drenched crowds in Los Angeles CountyMonterey ParkResidents of a community in Monterey Park found that Kang Do’s mailbox had been completely removed from the wall by thieves, and even the police said they had never heard of such an incident before.

Ms Ho, who lives in a community in Monterey Park, said the whole incident was exaggerated but true. Even after calling the police, the police came to make a record saying he had been a police officer for nearly 20 years, and it was the first time he had heard something like this. He said it was Saturday 30 July and it happened in broad daylight. According to the surveillance video, the thief entered the community around 10:06:42 and left at 10:08:48. It is also shown in the video that there are two criminals, one stealing and the other watching the air. In just two minutes, the entire Kangdou community mailbox was removed and stolen.

The lady said that this mailbox is relatively new, it was just installed in 2019, and there are only four families in one set of mailboxes. Fortunately, the postman had not arrived on Saturday, and there were only two neighbors who did not receive the letter on time. In general, the loss was not significant. However, the community official said the thief may have sold the mailbox, as it is made of iron and can cost several hundred yuan. The value of the stolen mailbox is small, and it is estimated that the police will make no effort to catch it, unless the future thief himself hits the barrel of the gun.

Ms. Hu said in the surveillance photos, the thieves lookedAsiaLight-skinned young man. Kangdou official said that in the future, the newly installed mailbox will be fixed with screws, and the surrounding area will be coated with super glue. The lady said with tears and laughter that the Super Glue app is no joke, because the mailbox was originally wall-mounted, and it can still be moved.

According to the video provided by Ms. Hai, the man was wearing a black jacket, beige shorts and sneakers and appeared to have a tattoo on his left leg. The man looking for air was wearing a black shirt and black pants.

Recently, there have been frequent incidents of mailbox theft in Southern California, and important daily messages from residents face security risks. Many mail thieves also obtain personal information about residents and sell it online. Police state that mail thieves often look for credit cards or mail containing personally identifiable information for fraud-related offenses. Residents are asked to check their mail regularly to avoid becoming a victim.

There were two criminals, one stealing and the other taking notice. (presented by Mrs. Hu)

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