Ensemble Music – Definition, History, and Types of Musical Grouping

Music Ensemble – Among the farming community, producers usually find easy-to-use musical instruments made from a variety of plants, including bamboo leaves and coconut shots. There is also percussion made of bamboo and trees.

Simple music, namely from objects around it, can be divided into two types, be it a set of instruments or a monotonous musical accompaniment.

In this discussion, we will convey completely and clearly about the Musical Ensemble. For a full review, come on… Read on as follows.

What is Ensemble Music?

Understanding Musical Ensemble is a musical art that consists of playing music with various instruments and then playing songs in a simple sequence.

The word ensemble is derived from French and means a musical group. It is included in the music dictionary, which contains the group’s definition of musical activity.

Music itself is used by many people in research because it is seen as one of the ways that cause stress in learning time.

History of Musical Ensemble

The word ensemble comes from the French word ensemble, which means together. So the ensemble has to play music with a certain number of instruments and play the songs in such a simple order.

Musical encounters with brass instruments in Sumatra usually consist of four to twelve small gongs, one or two large gongs, two to nine drums, dancers, wind instruments, and showers. One of these ensembles is the Toba Batak tobacco building. This power is still used in Parmalim religious ceremonies.

Ensemble Musical Grouping Type

In the ensemble group, divided into three types in a different music. 3 types of music are grouped based on the presentation of music, based on the role and function of the instrument and also based on the group of musical instruments, namely:

1. Based on the Presentation

On this basis, the ensemble is divided into two groups, namely:

a. Mixed Ensemble

Mixed ensemble is a form of ensemble presentation that uses different types of instruments or even different types of instruments. Examples of mixed ensembles are piano, recorder, guitar, tambourine, triangle, and cymbals.

b. Similar Ensemble

Similar ensemble music is a form of ensemble musical presentation that uses the same musical instrument. An example of such music is a recording.

2. Based on Role and Function

Based on the role and function of the instrument used, this music has been divided into three types, including:

a. Rhythmic Ensemble

The rhythm of the troupe is a musical instrument used to set the rhythm of the song. Examples of this rhythmic ensemble are tambourines, triangles, drum sets, gongs and drums.

b. Melodic Ensemble

Melodic ensembles are musical instruments and for melody development are song melodies. Examples of this melodic ensemble are pianika, piano, violin, trumpet, recorder, tambourine, and harmonica.

c. Harmonious Ensemble

Harmonic ensemble is included in a musical instrument that has played a song melody and song rhythm.

3. Based on the Group

Based on the class of musical instruments, the ensemble has been divided into two types based on an aspect of the sound source, playing style and role in an ensemble.

  • Acrophone
    Acrophone is a musical instrument whose sound source comes from air vibrations. Such microphones are trumpets and flutes.
  • Chordophone
    A chordophone is a musical instrument in which the sound source comes from a string or strings. Examples of these chords are the harp, guitar, and violin.
  • Membranofon
    A membranophone is a musical instrument that acquires a plastic sound source. Examples of these membranes are drums, drums and drums.
  • Elektrofon
    Electro is included in a musical instrument that sounds from a power source. Things like microphones are electric guitars and electric organs.
  • Idiophone
    An idiophone is a musical instrument whose source of sound lies in the sound of the instrument itself. Examples of such idiophones are dance and gong.

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