” Eh is that you ? Kurusnya, you look great.. ” – Netizen

Adibah Noor’s Latest Appearance Picture Makes Fans Surprised. Wow, what else can you see when you’re thin. Ready to Share Skinny Tips Again. Fuh Not Many Can Do This, It’s Great Kak Dib !!

Adibah Noor is not a new name in the country’s entertainment industry. The greatness of her voice is often praised by many and Adibah was among the participants who competed in the final of the Geg4r Vaganza Season 8 program recently.

Many transformations have been done by Adibah both in terms of appearance and voice quality. In the previous partnership, Adibah has shown her physical differences in 2008 and 2021 which showed her weight loss.

review entry latest on Adibah Noor’s Instagram account, has uploaded a recent picture of Adibah who was then in a hall to carry out her duties as the host of the ceremony.

Adibah who is wearing a pair of modern orange and black baju kurung looks very different. Already getting thinner, no more Adibah chubby like before this. Wow, our Kak Dib is getting brighter.

Let’s read the sharing below:

This partnership by Adibah has already got over 4000 likes from fans since it was shared. Among the fan comments:

“Alhamdulillah, you look great sister. We love you always brother, take care my dear sister .. “

”Ehhh is that you? Her skinny. You look great brother Dibah. Suddenly miss Dectar. Alhamdulillah, we will meet soon .. ”

”Granny, looking faded, pretty still cute as before. Alhamdulillah welcome back. Keep up the good work brother Dibah, wish you luck and success .. “

“Wow wow woww, the sweetness of the smile hangs I like. Anyway u look much more awesome… wasn’t previously awesome either..”

“Dah brape bulan kak amalkn cut sugar smpi skrg dh nmpk beza, bole share jazakallahu khairan kak ..”

“She’s beautiful and thin, it looks different, right? Hope you are always healthy and always happy .. “

“Skinny, so beautiful my dear. Slim is very brother Dibah now. Love you kak, all the best kak Dib. You look stunning .. “

“It looks like Adibah is very thin, slim and more beautiful now. May you always be healthy and blessed by Allah .. “

Adibah also answered fans’ questions about the skinny tips she practiced so that she could lose weight. This is Adibah’s answer:

Wow, only 6 tablespoons Adibah ate apart from not taking sugar in the daily menu. Not everyone can do this. But as long as there is high determination and determination, Insha Allah can succeed like Adibah. What is important is to do it for the sake of health and unlimited daily movement and a lot can be done. May Adibah continue success and always healthy.

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