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Schools in essence must develop teaching and learning tools for interaction space between teachers and students. One of the containers that can be used in this online learning system is a website. Where teachers and students can access a site and then reach students with the ability of teachers to provide materials and assignments on the site.

Every website needs a domain. The domain can determine what website and where the website is made. In addition to facilitating website access, the domain serves as the identity of the web server so that when the user visits it, the address is not wrong.

You must have heard the word domain. But do you know what a domain is? Then what is the importance of a domain for a website. What are the domain names for education. And how to choose a domain name for education tips. Check out a more complete explanation below.

What is the Education Domain of a Website

What is the Education Domain of a Website

You must be familiar with the term domain. Domain Name or DNS (Domain Name Server) is a nomenclature by which we can identify websites on the Internet.

Speaking of any website, they all connect to multiple IP addresses in the background. This IP ( Internet Protocol ) address is a numeric address that tells the browser where the website is located on the Internet.

Domain name registration is managed by an organization called the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers or ICANN for short. This organization identifies available extensions and maintains a central database of information for domain name transfers.

URLs are sometimes called web addresses. Which contains the site’s domain name as well as other information, including transfer protocols and paths. For example, in the URL ‘’, where ‘’ is the domain name.

Whereas ‘https’ is the protocol and ‘/learning/’ is the path to a specific page on the website.

What is the Function of the Education Domain

What is the Function of the Education Domain

Each website is represented by a series of numbers (IP addresses) which the computer will later use to retrieve data from the server because the computer system works by interpreting the numbers.

Of course, it can be inconvenient to remember each of these numbers when accessing a website, especially since this series of numbers always differs from site to site. So the domain name was created.

Take one example, we will use the name of the domain. For example our website IP address is This IP address will identify the server that stores data for our website.

Then the computer will use these numbers to visit the server and request data for the website. After that it will be presented in your browser.

Imagine if you had to remember the IP address of every website you wanted to visit. Of course this will make you dizzy. Therefore, a domain was created

Kinds of Kinds of Educational Domains

Kinds of Kinds of Educational Domains

Not all domain names have to follow the same rules and formulas. Although domains (.com) are the most popular domains used by almost 50 percent of all websites in the world, there are other domains you can choose from. Here are some kinds of domain names for education.

Domain of Education in Indonesia

1. Sch id

The sch domain is a domain indicating that this website is a school website. Derived from the word “school” which means school in English. The addition of .id indicates that the school is located in Indonesia.

These websites are of several types such as school websites, online school portals, and membership websites for schools.

2. Ac id

Domain Ac id has the meaning of Academy Indonesia. Ac id is also a domain name specifically for higher education institutions such as universities, colleges, and academies.

Domain of Education Abroad

In addition to the two domains above, there are also domains that are commonly used abroad. Some of them are as follows.

1. .College

If a university wants to open a distance learning program online or otherwise, it usually uses this one domain (.college).

With this domain, they can simultaneously promote online learning programs and internships with domain name extensions that students will immediately recognize.

2. .School

The .school domain is so popular that it can be used in schools and colleges. The domain can be used by teachers, student organizations in schools, and administrators. The School Domain Extension forms a dynamic and vast digital space for school-related matters.

3. .University

At a glance, a .university domain tells internet users who you are and what you do. This domain is widely used enthusiastically by universities, private schools, individuals, and organizations. The .university domain is credible and targeted.

Give your brand an instant affiliation with higher education. This .university domain is versatile and eye-catching. As well as adding a serious boost to your personal and professional brand.

4. .Academy

The .academy domain is a popular domain extension among online education websites, scholarship programs, schools, and other places of learning. If you are launching an online course or using the word ‘academy’ in your business name.

An .academy domain name can lend credibility to your online presence and quickly build trust for a variety of audiences and languages.

5. .Education

An .edu domain is one of a variety of top-level or well-known domain names that can be used when choosing a domain name. Usually this domain describes an organization that has a well-known name.

Like a four-year-old college or similar institution. (We encourage educational institutions under the age of four to use “top-level geographic domain names”).

Examples of Domains in Several Countries

Apart from Indonesia, there are several .ac domains that are used by several countries abroad. These domains include:

  • (Austria)
  • (Cyprus)
  • (United Kingdom)
  • (India)
  • (Indonesia)
  • (Iran)
  • (Israel)
  • (Bangladesh)
  • (Belgium)
  • (Chinese)
  • (Japan)
  • (South Sudan)
  • (Sri Lanka)
  • (Tanzania)
  • (Thailand)
  • (Kenya)
  • (Morocco)
  • (New Zealand)
  • (Serbia)
  • (South Africa)
  • (South Korea)
  • (Uganda)
  • (United Arab Emirates)

The final word

Thus a complete explanation of Domain Names For Education and domain names used by some countries abroad. We hope to help you gain insight into what a domain is, the function of a domain, and some types of domains.

Thank you for visiting the website. The author also apologizes if there are any unintentional errors in the writing or in the delivery of information.

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