Easy ways to make an elevator in Minecraft for beginners

When you build a house in Minecraft, it will be more complete later if there is an elevator in the house. Especially for multi-storey homes.

Having this elevator will make your home look more luxurious. It can make it easier for you to go to another floor in the house.

Curious to know how to make an elevator in Minecraft? Here I will explain the complete guide in this article.

How to make an elevator in Minecraft

An elevator in Minecraft makes it easy to go up or down a level in the building you own.

Compared to having to go up and down the stairs, using an elevator will definitely be more practical. Well, for the steps please follow the following guide:

1. Make an elevator shaft

The first step you need to do is to create a shaft for the elevator foundation first. I am here 3 x 3. Column deeply 3 kotak.

2. Make the lift button

After creating the elevator shaft, you can start making the elevator button for height. To be able to lift the elevator button up, Element What is needed is not much.

next Element
And a guide to lifting the lift button up:

1. Prepare Element
light blue woolthen apply to 2 block middle part.

Light blue wool tempeh

2. Next application Element iron trap door In front of the light blue wool.

Install Iron Trapdoor in Minecraft

3. Then the installation redstone dust Over light blue wool.

Pasang Redstone Dust Minecraft

4. If you have it, install it
quartz block And the stone button.

Make a Minecraft raise button

3. Lifting foundation design

The next step you can do is to design the elevator foundation. At this point, it is recommended to adjust the mode Element According to the guide you provided.

Because if you don’t, it can make the elevator you’re doing not work.

1. Destroy grass wall and install Element obsidian.

Change the lawn with obsidian

2. Preparation Element
observerthen place it on the Trapdoor iron door.

Put the monitor up

3. Above the observer, please put slime block.

Add a new slime block

4. Then put sticky piston Next to the slime block facing up.

Add sticky notes face up

5. Next, put 2 slime blocks above the second sticky piston.

Put 2 pieces of Minecraft Slime Blocks

6. Then the installation observer down in the middle.

Install Observer Pointing Down

7. Install also sticky piston Down.

Use the adhesive plunger face down

8. Preparation block of ironPlace two blocks on the left and right.

Put a block of iron on two sides

3. Make the lift button down

The elevator foundation is ready and operational. But before trying, you should make the elevator button go down first.

Because if you try without pressing the lift-down button, the previously created foundation will continue to move up.

1. Put it aside light blue wool Behind the elevator foundation height 10 block. Here the height can be adjusted to your liking.

Build the foundation tension downward

2. If this is done, set it aside obsidian On the front is a light blue fleece that was previously made.

3. Under the obsidian, please put it iron trap door.

4. While next to obsidian, you can put stone button.

Make a button down a minecraft elevator

5. If you have it, please destroy it light blue wool right Now. So this leaves Element
Obsidian, iron pull door and hanging stone button above.

6. Go down and press the button stone button to move the elevator.

Try moving Minecraft Elevator

7. After the elevator reaches the elevator button down, please put it block of iron On the basis of the elevator.

Add a ground barrier in Minecraft

4. Elevator decoration

If you end up lowering the elevator button, just decorate it. For this decoration, you can modify it as you wish.

1. First, you can use files diorite polished To build an elevator wall.

2. Put it aside diorite polished Go to the elevator button down or like the following picture.

Set decorative walls in Minecraft

3. Then use it quartz tray To make ceiling decorations. For laying, it can be made upside down to resemble the ceiling of an elevator door.

Add a lift door roof in Minecraft

4. Then use glass
And the glass board To decorate the facade of the elevator.

Add a lift door roof in Minecraft

5. Next, make the elevator ceiling use quartz slab.

5. Add obsidian

Add obsidian in Minecraft Elevator

Then for the back of the elevator, it is recommended to use Element obsidian. The goal is to make the Slime Block unattractive ban element else.

Please put it aside obsidian
Exactly on the back of the lift or as shown above.

6. Try to take an elevator

Try climbing an elevator in Minecraft

Finally, we try to take the elevator. You can press stone button Downstairs to go upstairs. Later the elevator will immediately go up to the upper floor.

For the descent, you can press the button stone button which is above.

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The last word

This is how to make an elevator in Minecraft. The most important thing here is that you just have to make sure that the elevator working steps are appropriate.

If anyone is confused or does not understand, please submit a question in the comments column.

It might be useful.

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