Easy Ways to Download Videos on Shopee

As one of the largest market place applications in Indonesia, the Shopee application has many sellers spread throughout Indonesia. To join as a seller on Shopee is also very easy, it only takes a few steps, you can start selling products on the Shopee application. But actually to be able to earn from the Shopee application, you don’t have to open a shop and sell products on the Shopee application, you can join the Shopee Affiliate program. By joining this program, you can get additional income just by sharing product links.

Download Product Photos and Videos on Shopee

One of the interesting posts that can be shared with all chat applications and social media is by posting a product promotion video. Product photos and videos are mandatory elements when creating promotional videos. Downloading product photos in the Shopee application is very easy, because the photo download feature is already available, but unfortunately there is no video download feature in the Shopee application. To be able to download videos in the Shopee application, you can use the browser application on your device. For more details, you can follow the following steps.

Easy Ways to Download Videos on Shopee Android & iOS iPhone

1. Open the Shopee application, and then search for the product whose video you want to download. To be able to download Shopee videos, it cannot be done directly in the application, you need to copy the Shopee store link. Press icon share then select the menu Copy Link.

2. Now open one of the browser applications on your smartphone device and then change display to desktop version. If you continue to use the mobile version, then when you open the Shopee store link, you will always be directed to the Shopee application. Now, Paste the shop link in the search field and press enter.

3. After the Shopee store appears on your browser page, press on the video to enlarge the video view. Tap the video to show more features in the video.

Easy Ways to Download Videos on Shopee 2

4. To download the video, press three dots icon at the bottom right of the video and then select menu download.

Easy Ways to Download Videos on Shopee 3

5. Automatically, the video will be downloaded and stored on your smartphone device. Done.

Easy Ways to Download Videos on Shopee 4


It’s not easy to download product videos in the Shopee application. Before sharing the Shopee video to social media applications, you can edit videos by adding text or stickers by utilizing any video editing application installed on your smartphone device.

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