E-cigarette smoke while inhaling smoke, how does Noah Saleh try to get rid of the noise?

All the speculation about the homes of celebrity couples Miz Nina And the Noah Saleh Finally when they both confirmed that they are indeed divorced.

After the news, some people remembered a video interview where a journalist asked Noah when there were rumors that the singer’s house was in trouble.

Baka: Noah Saleh and Miz Nina confirm divorce

In a video last month, Noh was seen walking around while inhaling and exhaling vape smoke in front of a group of reporters.

Noah’s actions were seen as a bit rude, but perhaps Noah’s way of letting go of his tension was to answer what he was trying to hide.

In fact, Noah was seen shocked when asked about the personal question and acted to warn the media as if there was no other story to tell.

Noah also had time to mock and question the credibility of the media who were busy trying to learn about his personal life rather than his career as an artist.

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Singer Noah Saleh commented on the speculation about his marriage breakup with Mizz Nina, which was hotly discussed on the chat site as fake news. beritatiktok newstrending

? Original sound – Kosmo! – Cosmo!

“Have you run out of stories? People prefer personal stories to what I’m working on.”

However, after less than a month of denying the rumors, the couple confirmed that they separated after filing for divorce last June.

Noah and Miz Nina married on July 2, 2011. The couple adopted a son named Moses last March.

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