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Dzukou Valley Trip – My first solo trip and the most memorable adventure of my life

“When lovers go to the valley,

and the night returns

like day and moonlight too

it shines like the sun.”


– Local Legend Mao (Land Tribe).

October 19, 2022.

I saw an ad for Wild Hill AdventureS ‘ Dzukou Valley trip to my Instagram feed. Shortly after reading some reviews, I contacted Wild Hill Adventure and booked the trip.

Well, I always do quick decisionsso I made the decision to go to Dzukou Valley without a second thought.

I was very excited to continue one solo trip in Dzukou Valley, a beautiful place I’ve wanted to see for almost 7 years!

October 22, 2022.

The Jana Shatabdi Express took me to Dimapur where I met some of our group members for the first time. Out of Dimapur Railway Stationa car provided by Wild Hill Adventure was waiting to take us ISBT Kohima.

After the visit Kisama Heritage Village and taking some pictures, we went to House of Dawn IN Zakhama village.

October 23, 2022.

We packed our lunch and sleeping bag after breakfast at Dawn Homestay and started our main journey to Dzukou Valley. After reaching the bottom of the Dzukou Valley, we started walking. During the trip, we climbed hills, walked narrow roads full of rocks and enjoyed ourselves amazing view for more than five hours.

When we finally arrived at Dzukou Valley Base Campwe were tired but couldn’t resist a trip to its breathtaking beauty.

The breathtaking beauty of the Dzukou Valley. Photo by Labanya Baruah

Labanya, Rohan, Himankar, Nirupama and I had lunch on a big rock at the top of the Dzukou valley enjoying beautiful views of the valley and river below.

As a shelter for the night, we relied on our tents and sleeping tents. In terms of experience, it was great.

Inu Etc in Dzukou Valley. Photo by Labanya Baruah

October 24, 2022.

When I woke up in the morning, it was raining.

As soon as we finished breakfast, we started dangerous journey we return to our apartment.

Inu Etc in Dzukou Valley. Photo by Labanya Baruah

Since it was raining, this time it was much more dangerous. There was a lot of water on the narrow trekking path, making it slippery and muddy. It was still raining, it didn’t look like it was going to stop anytime soon.

We still had to get back, so we began our hardest journey ever.

My traveling companion was Labanya and she had trouble carrying her sleeping bag as it got heavy after the rain. Although I tried to help her, I couldn’t hold her sleeping bag as I had the steering wheel. We reached the viewpoint after three hours of walking. Here begins the most difficult 1 km trek.

We saw our guide and Labanya told him to carry her bag and he agreed. Now it was easier for him to walk.

The journey was challenging for everyone. There was mud and cold water all over our shoes. It was raining so much that even raincoats could not keep us dry.

When we arrived home, we found that almost all of our clothes were wet.

In this crisis situation, I had a pair of dry jeans at home and that was enough.

After lunch at home, we left for Dimapur Railway Station.

So this is the story of my trip to Dzukou Valley.

I had the most beautiful and memorable journey of my life even though it was the hardest journey of my life.

Fortunately, I went to Dzukou Valley with some wonderful peoplewho made my trip easier and more memorable.

Rohan, Labanya, Inu Etc and Joydeep at ISBT Kohima. Photo by Inu etc

My experiences with them will stay with me forever, I would definitely like to travel with any of them again whenever I get the chance.

I will miss Labanya, Rohan, Joydeep Bhaiya (Bro), my favorite couple (Himankar and Nirupama), Sudeepta, Teachers (Vivek and Manisha), Anamika Di (Sister), as well as other travelers.

Kisama Heritage Village. Photo by Inu etc

Although I was the youngest in the group, I felt comfortable with them and made friends that I will never forget.

Rohan is an excellent photographer who is always enthusiastic about photography and cinematography. Using his phone, Labanya and I took many amazing photos and videos. I am still waiting for his messages. LOL.

Street Joydeep Bhaiya treated me like he was my elder brother. His caring and loving nature made him a wonderful person. He gave me one of his sweaters for the trip because I had no warm clothes. On our return journey, I did not feel well, and he inquired about my health with a sense of concern. Later, he also asked me through WhatsApp.

Then there is profit, who is the best and my sister from another mother. In most cases during the trip we were together and took many photos. Moreover, she is also a caring person. The jacket he gave me on the night of the fire and the hat he gave me on the train ride really helped.

Inu Etc with Labanya Baruah. Photo by Inu etc

It was an amazing trip thanks to Wild Hill Adventure, the amazing people in our group, the management team, the homestays and our guide.

This was the first solo trip of my life, and you guys made it memorable.

My heart will miss each and every one of you.

Thank you very much.

If you have any questions or wish work with mefeel free to contact me.


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