Dungeon Food: adaptation announcement is imminent, according to leaks

Recently, the work of leakers has intensified. In fact, according to the most important insider, we will soon see some important announcements, including an anime adaptation of Dungeon Food.

On his Twitter, famous leaker @Spanku_u reported the news that fantasy manga series, comedy by Ryoto Kui will receive an animated transposition. Currently, there is still no official status of the Dungeon Food anime series, but this is very likely given the success of the related manga. We remind you that according to the latest leak, Blue Box will also be adapted into an anime series.

Dungeon Food (Delicious in Dungeon) serialization began in February 2014 in the Japanese magazine Treasure of the publisher Enterbrain. Currently, there are more than 80 published chapters, 76 of which are collected in 11 tankobons. To celebrate the release of the eighth volume, in 2019 Trigger Studio create an ad in the anime style that you find in the article. Could animation studio Kill la kill, Little Witch Academia, and many other successful anime handle the adaptation?

The first rumors about the Dungeon Food anime were a few months ago, so now it should be very short of the official one. The plot is set in a fantasy world where the guild went on an expedition to raid the dungeon. The story follows a group of six adventurers as they battle a dragon. When they were about to be defeated, one of them used teleportation magic to escape. However, the team ended up in the belly of the dragon. And you, do you know the series already, or is it completely new?

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