Dua Lipa did a very sensual dance which quickly went viral

Kruger.my.id – experience a dream moment. His popularity started in 2017 with the release of his self-titled album,

pondering that it didn’t take long to conquer fans and capture praise from the world press. With two albums in his career, he is the “pop star of the moment”,

a nickname he reconfirmed at the LoveStream Festival in Bratislava,

where all eyes are on him for the hot dance that circles the planet.

After passing through Madrid, Portugal and Barcelona, ​​the music diva settled this Saturday in the Slovak capital and in

In the last few hours, the sensual gesture with the stick holding the microphone went viral.

Memes and praise for her sensual gestures explode on social networks

Winner of three Grammy awards seduces the public with his songs Love again, Cold, beautiful please, Break my heart you Be the only one.

This paved the way for the last part Flying, Future nostalgia you Don’t Start Nowwhich are some of his most famous hits.

After all, her skills with singing she added her talent with dancing, thinking that it’s a trend in some

geographic point for hot moves that make her sensual silver outfit look even more Lee too

Piper, actor Eli


An enviable gift

The UK has not stopped selling and breaking records on the platform. Albums he played on his tour (Future Nostalgia)

It is the second most listened to album in the world according to data from Spotifyright behind WORRY from Olivia Rodrigo.

In addition, his maximum hit Floating to one of five

the most listened to songs globally according to data from a Swedish app.

Five things to know about Dua Lipa

Originally from London, in the Westminster district to be exact, she is the daughter of an Albanian-Kosovar marriage.

Dukagjin Lipa and Anese Rexha fled the war in Bosnia and settled in England three years before Dua’s arrival.

Dua means “love”

The British artist does not need a stage name.

Dua is Albanian for “love” and although she didn’t think it was the best in her teens, when she launched her career, she made the most of it.

the beginning

He started with videos on Youtube at the age of 14

Wanting to establish herself in music, Dua Lipa uploaded several videos to the YouTube platform where she performed songs from

Christina Aguilera and Nelly Furtado, whom she considers her biggest inspirations.



Her modeling stage became one of her success

Dua Lipa’s beauty is so captivating and that’s why she is considered to work as a model in several catalogs,

just before it exploded in the music world.

However, he left the field due to requests to lose weight, a situation which later led him to release the single “Blow Your Mind (Mwah)” in 2016.



Activist for feminism and social equality

His successful career, brimming with honors in the UK and around the world, has allowed him to express his ideals to different generations:

She considers herself a feminist and has on several occasions held up the LGBT+ flag to call for equal rights.

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