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detikinfo.megazio.com.com – Dried Lizard Business That Gets Big Profits. When you hear the word lizard, what do you think, for some people, lizards may be disgusting and even scary animals, lizards are animals that are used to living crawling on every wall of the house.

But the reptiles that we often see crawling on the walls are apparently a promising trade commodity. Even commodities can penetrate the export market to China.

Although at first glance it looks disgusting, but who would have thought if this animal could be made into a very promising commodity. The request itself came from abroad, especially China.

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Sugandi immediately took the opportunity. Residents of Kapetakan District, Cirebon Regency, West Java. Until now, Sugandi has been doing lizard business for 13 years.

The lizards sold by Sugandi are not live lizards, but lizards that are already dead and dry after going through several stages of the process.

According to Sugandi, lizards are much sought after because they are used as raw materials for medicine, especially Chinese medicinal herbs, therefore, so far the demand from the bamboo curtain country is quite high.

From the dried lizard business he runs, Sugandi, as a principal in an elementary school in his village, is even able to help the people around him. In particular, he invited mothers to work to help process the production of dried lizards to the packaging stage.

With the help of about 20 employees, the majority of whom are women, Sugandi is able to produce up to 40 kilograms of dried lizards every day. Meanwhile, if the period of one month, Sugandi is able to produce dried lizards up to more than 1 ton.

For every 1 kilogram of dried lizard, now Sugandi sells it at a price of Rp 380 thousand. However, the price is charged for dried lizards with good quality or in intact condition.

“For every kilogram Rp 380 thousand. But that’s for dried lizards that are intact and have tails or the term is grade A. For grade B, the price is RP 280 thousand. The difference is Rp. 100 thousand.” Sugandi said.

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For example, Sugandi sells 40 kilograms of dried lizards of the best quality Grade A or B, whose turnover can reach hundreds of millions in one shipment.

According to Sugandi, the dried lizards he produces are not to be marketed domestically. but to be sent to foreign countries, especially China. So far, Sugandi admitted that he had exported a lot of dried lizards to China.

“For the business of selling it is taken care of by my sister. I can sell it to China,” said Sugandi.

Get Lizards From Collectors

For the supply needs of lizards, Sugandi can get them from collectors in several areas, such as from Cirebon, Indramayu, to Karawang. From the collectors, Sugandi bought wet lizards at a price of Rp 52 thousand per 1 kilogram.

For 13 years running the dried lizard business. Sugandi admitted that he had not found any problems. According to him, currently not many people are running a similar business.

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“Alhamdulillah, so far there have been no obstacles (the dried lizard business),” said Sugandi.

The business that Sugandi runs, namely dried lizards, is a family business. Besides Sugandi, there are also several of his relatives who run the business. Starting from his sister to his nephew who is still in the same sub-district.

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