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Dream Live Apk Ijo Latest Premium Version + Download Link

Hello friends, Has anyone ever heard of the Dream Live Apk Ijo application. If you’ve heard of it, it means that you are indeed the explorers of the streaming world.

Because this application is very rare and very few people know about it. Moreover, it is not easy to get the original version.

But don’t worry for those who don’t know about this application. Because here you will get info about this Dream Live application. The most barbaric live streaming application in the virtual world.

For those of you who are curious about the Tongkrongin Dream Live Apk, continue with our article. Because we will share info about the hottest and most popular live show applications. OK, go on.

About Dream Live Apk ijo

What is dream live apk ijo? Why does the name have an ijonya? Dream live is one of the most popular streaming applications and is much sought after by live video lovers. It is called green because yes, the theme of this application is green.

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This application is very viral and trending in cyberspace. Because this application is very much sought after and discussed by young adults who like live shows. Because Dream Live Apk is fairly barbaric and brave.

Here you will find a lot of female streamers who are outspoken or free. So do not be surprised if this application is a lot of people looking for it. Especially apk that have been modified and become premium applications but are downloaded for free.

Actually, if you look at this application, it is the same as any other application. From its features, how to use it, its usefulness. This application is also useful for us to stream and also watch other people streaming.

Perhaps what distinguishes it is the hosts are beautiful women who always provide an exciting spectacle and are very open.

This is what causes this application to look popular and in great demand by teenagers. No wonder the Dream Live Apk has a requirement that its users must reach the age of 18 years.

Because it doesn’t deserve to be the spectacle of the little boys below. The features of this application are not much different from the features of other live streaming applications. Below we will explain its features.

Features On Dream Live

Features On Dream Live

Although it looks similar to other live show apps. But still, there are definitely differences that you will feel when using this application. Especially in the features section

The following are the features in the application.

* Live For Free

If you don’t want to be a spectator all the time or want to try to be a live show creator. You should try Dream Live Apk. because this application can do live streaming for free.

You can develop your talents and test your mettle in front of the camera. Provide interesting entertainment for your viewers so that later they can become your fans

* Hosts From Various Countries

Not only Indonesians. You will also find hosts from various countries, especially Asia. You will be presented with super duper Hot entertainment from these hosts. Of course, you will use this application for a long time.

* Video Call & Chat

Besides doing live and also watching. This Dream live application also provides features such as video calls or chat. So you can interact with other hosts and users. Of course, we can use it as a place to find a mate or a date.

* No Ads

This one feature is no less important. You will not feel disturbed by the ads that appear in the application. Because in this premium live Dream application you will not find ads.

* Reach All Android

This application is very light and can be used on all androids even with a small OS. However, even though it is very light, it does not reduce the elegant and luxurious side of the application’s appearance

* Latest Live Broadcast

This is the icon in this application. Because the live shows displayed by the broadcasters were very hot and free. So that makes this application become popular and much liked by young adults.

For those who are curious about the application and want to try using the application. Below we will share an alternative link to download the application Dream Live Ijo Premium Version and also the details.

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Download Dream Live Premium Version

App Name Dream Live apk Premium
Size 48MB
Version Latest
Developer Dreamlive App
System Android 4.1+

For those who don’t know and download and install it, we will explain below.

How to Download & Install the Dream Live Application

How to download it is very easy. The things you need to do are as follows.

  • First click on the alternative link above that we have shared
  • Then you will be directed to the download site
  • Then you click download
  • And wait until the download process is complete

Next for how to install the application as follows.

How to Download & Install the Dream Live Application
  • Look for the file that you have downloaded in the form of an apk, usually stored in the section Download Folder
  • Then click on the apk file
  • Install it by following the instructions given
  • if you need it, you give it Allow unknown sources on Settings addition
  • Wait until the installation process is complete
  • Then open the dream live application and enjoy the entertainment

Plus And Minus On Dream Live Application

Plus And Minus On Dream Live Application

Each application certainly has advantages and also has disadvantages. It’s the same with this Dream live application. Have Plus And Minus on the application.

But don’t worry, this one application will have many pluses than minuses. So we are still comfortable using it. Following are some of the advantages and disadvantages.


  • Anti account deactivation You will be free to do anything on your live show without having to worry about account deactivation
  • No ads
  • No Room lock We can enter all the most popular rooms
  • Multiple Hosts don’t be afraid to get bored with the same host. Dream live will provide many of the most popular hosts
  • And there are many other advantages that you will certainly find if you have used the application


  • IOS Version Not Available
  • Cannot Download Onplaystore

Those are the advantages and disadvantages of this Dream Live Apk, although there are drawbacks but what we know is that there are more advantages.


This Dream live application or ijo apk has something very different from the application in general. Because this live application is very free and very barbaric. So you will remain comfortable and will not get bored easily with the exciting spectacle from the broadcasters or hosts in this application.

Apart from that, you will also be given a spectacle of very beautiful and hot girls that will make us lose track of time and get addicted to watching it.

If you are not sure, please try it, just download the application.

Okay, that’s all we can say about the Dream Live ijo application. Good luck with the application and I hope the info is useful. Thank you also for visiting Thegreenforestresort. See you later!!


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