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Drama The Villainess is A Marionette (2022) When will it air? – Drakor The Villainess is A Marionette (2022) – As we all know, the Korean Drama Series or known as Drakor is one of the genres that is quite in demand by moviegoers in Indonesia, right? In fact, not only because of the Korean fever and quite a lot of fans, the story of Drakor also often makes the audience baper.

Not only that, there are quite a number of genres offered in the Korean Drama series, ranging from romance, mystery, action, to others. As recently, one of the newest Drakor that is being discussed is Drakor The Villainess is A Marionette (2022) reportedly will be made a drama version and will air soon

So, Drama The Villainess is A Marionette (2022) When will it air? For more detailed information, please see the explanation below.

Drakor The Villainess Is A Marionette (2022)

The Villainess is A Marionette itself is a title of one of the Korean Webcomic which is quite popular in its home country. Well, the Webcomic The Villainess is A Marionette was released on the Kakao Webtoon platform and has now managed to get a positive response from readers.

In addition, this webcomic is part of the Global project titled Super Webtoon 2022 from Kakao Entertainment. Even now, the webtoon The Villainess is A Marionette is predicted to be made a live action version and will be broadcast in the near future.

This emerged after Kakao posted a poster from this Webcomic with 3 actors posing as the main characters. The three actors include Cha Eun Woo, Han Soo Hee, and Lee Soo Hyuk where actors who are now poor across the world of Korean Drama series with a wide fan base.

So, don’t be surprised if it’s live action drama The Villainess is A Marionette This is one of the most awaited by the audience.

Cha Eun Woo plays Rafael Kidrey who has a bad past so he doesn’t like to be touched by women. Inherited the title from his grandfather and there were many arranged marriages to other women.

In addition, there is also Han So Hee who plays Kayane Hill, the most beautiful Eldim imperial princess in the kingdom. He’s also quite extravagant. Where he was used by his sister who had become emperor and married a rude person until he was poisoned.

After that, he also reincarnated to Korea and lived as an office worker, but he was stabbed to death by a man. And he went back to when he fainted poisoned. Meanwhile, Lee Soo Hyuk plays Regef Hill, Kayane’s younger brother who makes Kayane his puppet and chess piece.

He is one of the illegitimate children of another man. In addition, he is also a person with a bad temper and uses violence when someone mentions him and controversial policies support corruption.

So, curious about this popular webcomic? For more details, see Synopsis of The Villainess is A Marionette (2022) below.

Sinopsis The Villainess is A Marionette (2022)

‘The Villainess Is A Marionette’, the story of Kayena Hil, who is reincarnated after being killed by her husband. He escapes from his sister’s conspiracy, protects the emperor’s power, protects the kingdom, and becomes the political partner of the Rafael Kidrey he loves.

And Princess Kayena who was being controlled by her sister was like a doll. He was even willing to do any request. However, for some reason Princess Kayena realized and they wanted to escape from her brother’s control.

Until in the end Princess Kaneya was involved in a power struggle to defeat her brother. And to achieve her wish, Princess Kaneya then teamed up with the cold and mysterious Duke Kidrey.

Well, the storyline in this drama will certainly be the same as the Webtoon version. However, of course you can still enjoy watching one of the famous Webcomic in the live action version.

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Drama The Villainess is A Marionette (2022) When will it air?

Initially the news about making a live action version of The Villainess is A Marionette went viral after Kakao posted a poster on their website. And in the poster, it appears to show Cha Eun Woo, Han Soo He, and Lee Soo Hyuk posing like characters in The Villainess is A Marionette.

Nah, trailer live action The Villainess is A Marionette It will be released by Kakao on October 7, 2022. If that’s true, maybe this live action drama could be broadcast in the near future or in the long term for the next year.

But even so, until now there are still many fans who are curious and find out when the official release date is. However, until now there is still no definite leak about when the release of this live action version of the drama will be.

There is also a possibility that the poster uploaded by Kakao itself is just a promotion, and it is not certain whether a drama version will be made. However, the hope of making the live action drama The Villainess is A Marionette is still there.

Therefore, fans are expected to be more patient to wait for news of the certainty of live action from one of the most popular webcomic.

So, you can read through the Webtoon first, which can be accessed via the following link:

So this review may be useful and add to your insight.


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