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Online games with the action genre still never run out of fans to this day. One of the many online action genre games that you shouldn’t miss is Dragon City. You can now play this online game in the form of a modified model, with Dragon City Mod APK.

With this modified version, you can run the game more easily. Do you want to know more about this version of the online game Dragon City? If so, it’s good to know more about the description in the article below.

Review Dragon City Mod APK

Online games with the fighting genre are always exciting and tense. This is because these games offer an amazing sensation every time they are played. So that users feel real adrenaline when playing it.

You can get exciting sensations if you play the online game Dragon City Mod APK. This online game features very interesting real-time battles. As the name suggests, this thrilling game features a winged dragon with the power of fire.

In this online game you can explore the peninsula Peninsula which is located very high. Arriving there, you will find these rare creatures growing and developing. That’s where your mission in this fun game begins.

This online game gives you the opportunity to take care of a dragon from small to ready for war. You also have to train the dragons war skills. You are also given the task of feeding and mating the dragons that are raised.

Not only that, there are many more exciting activities in this online game for you to play. Stepping on level 4, you can register the dragons that are kept in a contest or match.

Difference between Dragon City Original and Dragon City Mod APK

Difference between Dragon City Original and Dragon City Mod APK

Basically the modified version of Dragon City is the same as the original. However, there are some new features that you won’t find in the original version. For more details, you can listen to the differences between the two in the table below.

Item Original Modification
Anti Banned P
Unlock Naga P
Unlimited Money P
God Mode P
Unlimited Gold P

Download Dragon City Mod APK

Download Dragon City Mod APK
Game Name Dragon City Mod APK
Publisher Social Point
Version v8.4
Operating system Minimal Android 4.0.3+ Up
Size 96,07 MB
Last update 10 Mei 2020
Categories Action Simulation
Mode Online

Dragon City Mod APK Features

This modified version of the online game is equipped with advanced features that were not found in the original model. Thus, many are eyeing the modified version of Dragon City. Below are some of the features in it that you need to know about.

1. Free Download

Free Download

You can download this one application on sites that provide free application and game downloads. So you don’t have to pay to download it. You don’t even need to prepare funds to play all the features in it.

2. Play with Friends

Play with Friends

Playing this exciting game alone is certainly not fun. Therefore, usually you want to invite friends to play it together. This modified version of Dragon City is also equipped with the features you want.

You can play this online game with your favorite friends. There are many fun activities that you can play together, such as sharing rewards. In fact, you can take your friends on a picnic to a dream island.

3. Exciting Missions

Fun Missions

This modified version of the online game is equipped with exciting missions that are a shame for you to ignore. You and your friends can carry out a number of thrilling missions together. So that playing games does not feel boring, because there are comrades in arms.

4. Making buildings

Making buildings

Dragon City doesn’t just focus on raising dragons. You are also given the opportunity to build buildings to form a beautiful city. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience creativity in creating magnificent city plans.

5. Game Online

Game Online

With this online game, you can battle with other players online. The fight can be done by means of a power struggle between the dragons that are kept. So you can show your dragon has great power and ability.

6. Newest Dragon

Newest Dragon

You need to know that in this online game, you will get a new dragon every week. So you have to do a new adventure with the dragon. You can start your adventure by breeding them first.

Then, you need to combine 10 different dragons. In addition, you also have to protect the dragons from the opponent’s attack. Make sure that you keep the dragon you take with you wherever you go.

7. Automatic Updates

Automatic Updates

Even though this game is a modified version, you don’t have to worry about updates. This is because updates or updates are always done automatically. You can enjoy the latest features of this modified version more quickly.

No need to wait long for the download and install process of this online game. Automatic updates, of course, don’t take much time. Games will be synced instantly, without any convoluted process.

8. Unlocked Naga

Unlocked Naga

There are some dragons that need to be unlocked in order to be playable in order to level up. With this modified version, you can unlock all the dragons you want. Playing all dragons is no longer a dream, you can do it in this modified version of Dragon City.

9. Unlimited Gems

Unlimited Gems

This one feature gives you the opportunity to store unlimited gold and dragon food. You can also have gems in abundance. Even every array is unlocked and you are free to play anytime.

Cara Install Dragon City Mod APK

Cara Install Dragon City Mod APK

The modified version of Dragon City is indeed tempting to play immediately. No wonder so many game lovers who download it. After downloading of course you have to do the installation procedure, as described in the description below.

  • Click the “Download” button to download the modified version of Dragon City
  • Provide game files that have been downloaded
  • Open the “Settings” icon on the smartphone
  • Scroll down and touch “Security”
  • Press the “Unknown Sources” button
  • Go to the downloaded game application folder
  • Click “Dragon City Mod”
  • Do “Extract”
  • Tap the “Install” button
  • The installation process is in progress
  • Games can also be played

If the installation process has been successful, you can explore this online game to your heart’s content. You need to take care of the baby dragons until they grow up and are ready to be competed. In addition, you can also carry out other missions that are no less exciting.

Fighting game lovers, it’s a good idea to immediately download Dragon City Mod APK. This modified version of the online game has cool features in it that make playing easier. You can consider the explanation above to immediately play this online game on a smartphone.

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