Download Youtube Videos So MP3 Audio Without Applications – Download Youtube Videos So MP3 Audio Without Applications. Youtube is an application for watching videos or downloading music. If you want to download Youtube videos into MP3 audio.

Youtube is one of the entertainment platforms for social media users. Various types of videos with different genres ranging from music, podcasts, movies, dramas and many others.

And unfortunately, Youtube itself no longer provides special features to download videos into MP3 format. This application only provides a video download feature on Youtube, and cannot be saved to a video application.

Though video content in audio form can be used for your various needs. And not only can you be played repeatedly by you guys but still an internet network, but the audio from the Youtube application can be used as a backsound from a video.

And you don’t need to worry, because I will get a variety of applications and websites that can currently be used to download Youtube videos into MP3s.

But unfortunately, additional application users are considered difficult for most people. Because it will make RAM full on the cellphone and uninstall the application again.

Well, because of that, the site converting Youtube videos to MP3 can be your choice. What are the platforms and how to use this site and how to download Youtube videos into MP3, here is an explanation that I will give.

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Check out the methods that I will give below for you, so you don’t get confused later when you want to download songs on this Youtube application.

1. How to Download Youtube videos to MP3 on Y2Mate

The first way you should know. You can use the Y2Mate site, the following are the ways I will give.

  • Open the Youtube application and find the video you want to convert to MP3.
  • Then copy the video URL or link by clicking “Share, then click, copy link.
  • Open the browser or chrome application and visit the site
  • The speed of you paste the link that you copied earlier in the Youtube application.
  • If you have clicked download to save the video or audio you want.
  • But after you download video or audio, you choose MP3.
  • And you wait a moment to download it.

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2. How to download Youtube videos to MP3 on

The second way you can use the site, here are easy ways.

  • Copy the video link that you want to download.
  • The speed at which you visit the site through the website link.
  • Enter the video link in the pool that has been provided.
  • Press, Convert.
  • Wait for the process to run and a download option box will appear.
  • Click, download section.

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3. How to download Youtube videos to MP3 on

then the third, you can download Youtube videos into MP3 format via the site.

  • Copy the video link in the Youtube application that you want to download.
  • Visit the site via
  • The rate of pasting the video link into the box provided.
  • Choose the MP3 format that you want.
  • Then click the download menu.

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