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From the name alone, maybe you already know how the appearance of this application. Yep WhatsApp Transparent is one of the variants of WhatsApp Mod which has a see-through display.

This application is a development of WhatsApp Plus. That is the reason why the two WhatsApp have features that are not much different. It’s just that because it has been redesigned, transparent WA has a lighter size.

Transparent WhatsApp Features

As mentioned above, this application that has a transparent display has various interesting features that can be used for free.

Want to know what it’s like? Let’s see the full discussion below.

1. Transparent Theme

Of course, this is a mainstay feature on transparent WA. Because features like this are in great demand by people. No wonder it’s so popular.

By using a transparent theme, you don’t have to bother changing the appearance of your WA background with the same photo as the cellphone wallpaper manually.

But what you need to do is just change the appearance of the cellphone wallpaper, then the WA background display will automatically follow the cellphone wallpaper.

2. Display Customization


Not only transparent theme and follow phone wallpaper. However, this WA Mod also provides interesting features, where users can freely customize the appearance according to their taste.

In fact, not only changing the theme, but users can also change the shape or size of elements. Such as chat bubbles, tab size, notification style, font type and size, to custom sticker packs.

3. Privacy Features


When you use the app Transparent WhatsAppthen you can enjoy features in the form of convenience in managing privacy.

You can freely set who can see your story, deactivate the blue tick, double tick, hide online status, hide profile photo, even to hide status when you view other people’s stories.

4. File Send Feature


For those of you who often send files in large quantities and large capacities, the original WhatsApp does not support it. But it’s different if you use Transparent WA.

Where the Wa Mod application supports sharing files in large and large quantities in just one send. Even the size capacity can reach 1 GB.

5. Anti Banned


Although this application is not official from the Play Store. But you don’t have to worry about using transparent WhatsApp. Because this application is supported by the anti-ban feature.

So it is unlikely that your account will be banned. Even the developers of this application always update regularly, so that it is always in line with the policies and rules of the original WhatsApp.

With you always routine in updating this application. Then the WA receipt will not detect any privacy errors so that your WA account remains safe and avoids being banned.

6. Improved Appearance and Performance


One of the important things in this application is that it can improve its performance features. By using this application, you can send messages automatically and can share files without any restrictions.

You could say that this application is rarely found bugs. So it is safe to use in an increase in appearance and performance. It can be said that overall it can be improved, so that its performance is better than before.

That way you can easily send chats and share pictures or videos so easily without any limitations. In addition, there is an improvement from a much more transparent display.

7. Anti Delete Messages and Status


By using this WhatsApp Mod application, you can still read messages or view stories from anyone. Because this transparent WA provides a feature called anti-delete and status.

So, you can still see a message and status that has been deleted. Even within 24 hours. That way you won’t miss your friend’s status or still read the message, even if that person has withdrawn the message.

8. Hiding Feature


By using this WA Mod application, it is like other WA Mod applications that provide interesting features. Where you can hide a view.

This display is like a double tick, blue tick, status, last online and so on. You can even see the status of your friends without being noticed.

Download WhatsApp Transparent Apk


Once you know some of the interesting features contained in Transparent WhatsApp. Surely you want to try using this application, right?

The reason is that by using the WA Mod application, you can get various interesting features as above. Not to mention that with this WA Mod you can customize the appearance, so you don’t get bored quickly with the appearance of WhatsApp just like that.

Download Link: WhatsApp Transparent Apk

How to Install Transparent WhatsApp

To install the application is actually very easy, but there are several things you must do first so that during the installation process no errors occur.

This is because Transparent WhatsApp not an official app from Google Play Store. So, for those of you who don’t understand how to do it, don’t worry, because I have provided the guide below.

Here are the steps:

  • Make sure you have finished downloading the apk file that I have provided the download link above.
  • After that, you go to Settings Menu on mobile.
  • Then you go into Security.
  • Please activate the installation from Unknown Source.


  • Then you open the downloaded file earlier. Then click install APK WA Transparent which was downloaded earlier.
  • Once successful, you can immediately run the application.
  • Then enter phone number to login or register a new account.
  • Later will enter verification code from the number you used earlier.
  • Please enter verification code in the column provided. Done.

How to Update WhatsApp Transparent


The way so that this application is not banned from the original WhatsApp is that you regularly update. It’s just that unlike official WA, there is a notification when to update.

If in this WA Mod application, you yourself have to routinely check whether it already exists or not to update the application. If there is an update, please directly download the transparent WhatsApp apk file then install it as usual.

After that, this WA mod has been successfully updated. How very easy is not how to update this application. If you do this regularly, it is unlikely that your Transparent WA account will be banned.

Additional Information About Whatsapp Transparent APK


You need to know, if the WA Mod application is only available for users of the Android operating system. As for the iOS os, it doesn’t exist yet.

And once again keep in mind, even though this application already provides an anti-ban feature. But that doesn’t mean you can calm down and feel safe that you won’t get banned.

You can get banned at any time, especially if you don’t update regularly. Then it is very likely, your account will be banned. If you really don’t want to be complicated and want it to be safe, it’s better to use the official WhatsApp application.

Transparent WhatsApp is a modified WA application developed by a third party. If you are really interested, please just download the link above. You can immediately enjoy interesting features that are not available on official WA.

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