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Download WhatsApp Plus 2022 Apk Latest Update

Download the Latest WhatsApp Plus 2022 Apk Update – Here are explanations and recommendations for you about Downloading the Latest WhatsApp Plus 2022 Apk Update, see the full review below until it’s finished.

Tired of the same WhatsApp advantages? There is nothing wrong with using WhatsApp Plus 2022. WhatsApp Plus is a Mod WhatsApp that is rich in premium features, which are not found on official WhatsApp.

Among other WhatsApp Mods, WA Plus is also the most popular, more or less because of the advantages of stronger privacy and anti-blocking. Here you can read the advantages of WhatsApp Plus, the special advantages of WA Plus, download hyperlinks and how to place them.

Reviews About WhatsApp Plus Apk

WhatsApp Plus 2021 is the latest apk version of WhatsApp Plus, which needs to be downloaded to update the old apk version. WA Plus itself is a WhatsApp Mod developed by Fouad Mods, one of the most popular WA modders and their creations are often used.

At the beginning of its existence, WA Plus was developed by Official Plus, but for some reasons, they stopped the challenge. With the presence of Fouad Mods, users feel happy, because someone continues to develop their favorite program.

According to that in this latest version of the apk, there are many improvements that have been carried out, especially functions that sometimes error. Of course, these updates and upgrades are expected to give WA Plus users convenience in talking to partners, colleagues and family.

Advantages of WhatsApp Plus Favorites

Advantages of WhatsApp Plus Favorites
  1. More Complete Privateness Advantage

The advantage of user privacy on WA Plus is more complete than the Original WhatsApp. This is very good, especially for users who do not want their activities on WhatsApp to be discovered by other users. For example, on WA Plus, users can hide their online status when opening WhatsApp. Unlike the official WhatsApp, which will show the online status of every user who opens WhatsApp.

Apart from that, other things you can hide are:

  • Final Seen
  • Ganda Ticks
  • Blue Ticks
  • Typing
  • Recording
  • Blue Microphone dst.

The above advantages don’t exist (or don’t even exist) in legal WhatsApp, so it can be said that WhatsApp Plus surpasses legal WhatsApp in this matter.

  1. Anti Revoke

Furthermore, there is an advantage called anti revoke, where messages sent to you cannot be deleted by the sender. Even though they’ve done Delete for Everybody, the message is still displayed in your chat story with the sender. So you don’t die of curiosity, because deleted messages are still visible and can be read. In addition to anti revoke messages, WA Plus has the advantage of anti revoke standing, making someone’s status on WhatsApp Story still visible even though they have deleted it.

Because of these two, you can find out some things they don’t seem willing to share. These two advantages you absolutely cannot get on official WhatsApp, so when a message or status is deleted, it cannot be reversed forever.

  1. Longer Stand

You can make a standing in the form of a pen in WhatsApp Story, unfortunately the personality is limited. Therefore, you must write it on the next slide so that all the strokes can be shared by all. If you use WA Plus, you can write long standings without limited characters. This really makes it easier, especially for users who are diligent in updating important news or news to their contacts on their cellphones.

In addition to having more characters, WA Plus allows users to upload videos of long duration to WhatsApp Stories. Compared to legitimate WhatsApp which only takes a few minutes, on WA Plus you can upload videos that have a duration of 7 minutes without being cut off.

  1. Send HD Quality Media

The next favorite advantage of WhatsApp Plus is that it can send media, such as videos and photos in HD quality. This is because the videos and photos that are submitted are not reduced in quality, so they will be the same as the original. In contrast to legitimate WhatsApp, which wants to convert the size of the media sent to reduce its quality. Media can indeed be faster to send, but what is at stake is the resolution, which is about to turn smudged.

Users can also send multiple files at once in one go, making it more practical and faster. Generally, official WhatsApp can also send many files at once, but the number and size are not around and as big as WhatsApp Plus.

  1. Topic Options Poly

Legal WhatsApp users will get bored easily because they don’t have many topic options. WhatsApp only has limited topics, which if used for a long time can get boring. Unlike WhatsApp Plus, which provides a variety of topics, which are free of charge and can be installed easily. Yes, topics on WhatsApp Plus can be exclusively installed through the event, which are to be exclusively installed automatically after downloading.

Cara Set up WhatsApp Plus

Cara Install WhatsApp Plus

For those of you who will be installing WA Plus for the first time, the trick is a little different than the placement of events in general. Because it doesn’t come from Google Play, you need a special trick so that WA Plus can be installed on your cellphone.

The complete tutorial is quoted from which you can follow below:

  • First, download WA Plus via the URL in the table above.
  • While waiting for the download process to finish, you go into your cellphone settings and open Privacy and Safety. Then tick on Unknown supply to allow placement of events outside of legitimate sources.
  • When done, now click on the WhatsApp Plus APK that has been downloaded to install it.
  • Once installed, open WhatsApp Plus and register as usual.

WhatsApp Plus Anti Blocking Guidelines

WhatsApp Plus has been equipped with anti-blocking benefits, as long as you regularly update the application. How to update the application is actually easy, which is as follows:

  • Open WhatsApp Plus
  • Go to Settings.
  • Define Up-dates.
  • Specify Check for Update to check whether there have been improvements.
  • Once there, click on Site Up-date to download and install the latest apk version.
  • You don’t need to delete the old apk version, just do the overwrite setup so you don’t have to register again.

Reference site :


WhatsApp Plus 2021 has been launched, users can take the new apk version to replace the old apk version. By regularly updating WhatsApp Plus, users will be free from closures, bugs, errors and other dysfunctions.


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