Download WhatsApp Doraemon Anti Banned Latest 2022

Do you like the Doraemon WhatsApp application? The Doraemon character is a cartoon character shaped like a cat robot. This cartoon is also very popular and much-loved by children because it is one of most people’s favorite shows.

Many people like and enjoy the Doraemon character because of its cute and unique shape. If you like anything related to Doraemon, then you should also try it on your WhatsApp application.

We already know that the WhatsApp application can be changed in appearance, but only limited to the wallpaper. Well if you think it’s too ordinary, in this article I will give you a WhatsApp Mod application with the Doraemon theme.

Whatever is on WhatsApp is related to the Doraemon team. Interesting right? If you are curious about this WhatsApp Mod application, here we will provide the information below.

What is Doraemon’s WhatsApp Application?

WhatsApp Doraemon is one of the Mod versions of the WhatsApp application which is specially designed with the overall Doraemon theme display. Not only the wallpaper, but almost the entire color of this application is blue like the Doraemon character.

The screen display of the Doraemon WA application is actually similar to the GBWhatsApp Delta, but everything is in the blue Doraemon style.

Actually this application is the result of a re-modification of the GBWhatsApp Delta application, but it is specially designed with the character of the Doraemon cartoon character.

When you use this application, you will not only be given a cute appearance with the Doraemon cartoon character, because this application also has additional features for you to use.

What are the advantages of Doraemon WhatsApp?

doraemon whatsapp apk

Application Icons Like Doraemon

The first feature that you will get is an icon like the Doraemon image. This is because this WhatsApp application is designed specifically with the main theme of Doraemon, so the overall features are similar to Doraemon.

This application also has a very funny logo and is different from other versions of WhatsApp because the application symbol is in the form of a phone logo.

Customizable Widgets

The next feature is widget which you can set at will. Good for size font, type font, block color, background chat, and many others.

Widgets in this application you will be able to set it freely so that what is it You will look attractive and more colorful than before.

Upload Status Up to 5 Minutes

The next feature of WA This Doraemon is allowing you to upload statuses for more than 5 minutes. Of course this will be very helpful for those of you who often upload video statuses.

With WhatsApp Doraemon, your status will be long and very, very easy. This modified version of WhatsApp has indeed been designed with a unique and rounded icon with Doraemon’s face and mustache.

WhatsApp Stories Features

In this modified version of the WhatsApp application, you will get a feature to put a WhatsApp story with a view like the Instagram view.

The WhatsApp story will be placed at the top of WhatsApp, you can see it like the appearance of Instagram in general.

Features of Theme With Doraemon Characters

Unlike the official version, WhatsApp Doraemon provides a feature to change themes. The themes provided are very many, especially Doraemon themes and lots of blue backgrounds, so you can adjust them to your individual tastes.

View Deleted Messages

When you use official WhatsApp, of course, it is familiar if messages that have been deleted can no longer be seen. But by using this WhatsApp Doraemon application, you will be able to see messages that have been deleted.

The developer of the application has prepared this feature to make it easier for its users in every way, one of which is being able to view deleted messages.

So by using this application you will be able to see messages that have been deleted very easily.

Hide Online Status

If you want to hide online status when chatting with friends, girlfriends or with anyone. You can hide your online status even if you are actively using WhatsApp.

Of course, with the online status hidden, you can not reply to WhatsApp from someone you might not like. By using WhatsApp Doraemon you can use this feature easily.

Anti Ban

When you use an application developed by a third party, of course it makes us worry that you can get banned. Because this third-party application is an unofficial or illegal application.

However, by using the latest version of WA Doraemon that we will provide, you don’t have to worry about getting banned, because there is an anti-banned feature in it.

Download WhatsApp Doraemon Latest Version 2022

download whatsapp doraemon

You can read the details and details of this Mod version of the application in the information column below. If you are sure you want to download the latest WhatsApp Doraemon 2022 application. Please see the following complete information:

App Name WhatsApp Doraemon
New version Deluxe Version
File Size 48.8 MB
Minimum Requirements Android 4.3+
APK users 4,000,000+

If you are sure you want to download it, please click here to get this application for free.

Easy Ways to Install the Doraemon WhatsApp Application!

WhatsApp Doraemon

The following is a tutorial for installing the WhatsApp Doraemon application very easily for you to do. The following are the steps you can take to install the WhatsApp Doraemon application.

  1. First, please download the application WhatsApp Doraemon This is via the link we have provided above.
  2. After the download process is complete, now please delete the original WhatsApp first.
  3. Now all you have to do is change the smartphone settings, this is so that you can install the WhatsApp Doraemon application even if you download it from a third party.
  4. The way to do this is by logging in to Settingsthen select security.
  5. You just activate the option unknown source.
  6. Next, you click install the application file with click file which you have downloaded earlier.
  7. Wait for the installation process to run to completion.
  8. Next, don’t forget to log in to your WhatsApp account by logging in using phone number you on the official WhatsApp before.
  9. Later there will be a notification for data backup.
  10. If so, you can restore your data from the old WhatsApp to this WhatsApp.

Well, if you have decided to use this cool application, so you don’t get banned, then you have to update regularly. The method is also very easy, because you only need to monitor the progress of this version on your trusted website.

The final word

How, cool is not our explanation about WA Doraemon. Hopefully this application helps you if you are already bored with the official version of WhatsApp which is just like that.

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If this information is useful for you, please share it with your friends, who knows they are in need of information about this cool Doraemon WhatsApp application. Well, after that, we thank you.

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