Download Wattpad Apk Old Version V6.73.0 [Baca Novel]

Wattpad Old Version – Each application will certainly make users more comfortable with the latest features and products, therefore there are lots of application developers who want to pamper their users by updating the application to the latest version.

Of course, this includes Wattpad, where the application developer often provides the latest version with upgraded features. But maybe you have also felt like downloading the Old Version of the Wattpad application because there are several things.

One of the factors that influence you to want to try using the Old Version of the Wattpad application is maybe because you are used to the Old Version of Wattpad displays. Well, besides that, there are also those who complain because the cellphone is slow because the size is only increasing from the Latest Wattpad.

With so many people also looking for a way to be able to convert the New Version of Wattpad into the Old Version again. For those of you who want to download the Old Version of Wattpad, then you are very lucky because you don’t have to download the New Version of Wattpad first to use the Old Version application.

For those of you who want to download the Old Version of Wattpad Apk, then you can directly download it on this website. Because we have prepared the download link in this discussion. Therefore, please read this review to the end.

Old Version of Wattpad Review

Wattpad is an online novel reading application that is currently the best of the many novel reading applications on Android or iOS. At this time there have been more than 1oo million downloads for this one application.

This is because the novel reading application is very complete with various titles and genres of books that have been provided in this application. In addition, this one application can be used offline even though there are limitations. as the developer of the Wattpad application often provides the latest updates in order to improve performance and the best reading experience for its users. Currently the Wattpad New Version app is 9.22.0.

For those of you who have already updated to the latest version, but you want to use the old version only. Therefore, please download the Old Version of the Wattpad application via the link that the admin has provided below.

Features of Wattpad Old Version

Download Wattpad Apk Old Version V6.73.0 [Baca Novel]

Actually, the Old Version or New Version of Wattpad is not much different from its function, but from the appearance or theme of the Old Version it is simpler and simpler. You can still read some stories of quite different genres and have been written by fellow users of the application.

As we mentioned above, what makes this application even more exciting is that you can read novels on your cellphone offline. So you can make this apk as an alternative way of entertainment other than offline games.

For those of you who are curious about some of the interesting features that you will encounter while using this one application. Below is a review and explanation of the features in the application.

If you want to know other interesting features that you can find in the Old Version of the Wattpad application, please see some of the explanations below.

1. Write a Story

There is a work feature, where with this feature you can write your story to share with one hundred million other Wattpad users. This feature has a pencil icon symbol.

The existence of this feature provides an opportunity for you as a user to become an interesting novel writer by getting millions of reads, for example like other writers who first made a story in this one application.

In addition, if you are active to create a story that is very interesting and can also attract other users, then you might have a lot of followers in the Wattpad application.

In fact, you can also have the opportunity to make money if your work is published and physically sold or even made into a film, for example, a very famous Indonesian film is Dear Nathan.

2. Hundreds of Million Stories

Based on data in 2018, currently in the application there are about 400 million stories in the Wattpad Apk application. Of course, the choice of stories in this application is quite diverse, so you will never run out of material to read in the application.

There are several genres that you can choose from right now, such as Historical, Horror, Humor, Fantasy, Fanfiction, Advanture to about astral creatures such as Vanpir and Werewolf.

That way you can choose the stories that fit your individual taste. When you find a story that you like, then you certainly won’t stop until the story is really finished and finished.

3. Can Save Stories

Through the Library feature in the Wattpad application, you will be able to save any stories you like to read in the future. There are 200 slots that can be used as a storage tool for the novel.

In addition, this Library feature can serve as a reminder of a very cool novel title that you have read before, because you have saved it in this one feature.

You can also continue reading your novels on Wattpad through several devices such as Smartphone, Kindle, PC or Tablet. Because indeed you only need to log in on a device that you want to use to read.

You can continue reading even if you are not connected to the internet or offline. Of course, this applies to the Old Version of the Wattpad Apk application that you will download.

4. Fan Community

When you join the Wattpad application, you are officially a member of story fans internationally. Well that way you will meet with other members of the author and readers.

In addition, you can leave a trace in the story you make by commenting and you can share your favorite book on some of the social media that you currently have.

One more thing is that you can also read together with your friends, colleagues, work relatives by providing the contents of the library you have or you can create a Reading List like a reading list so that other users can see what you are reading.

Download Wattpad Old Version

Download Wattpad Apk Old Version V6.73.0 [Baca Novel]

For those of you who still like the Old Version of Wattpad which is always said to be comfortable using the Wattpad application first, you don’t need to worry because soon your wishes will be achieved. Because we have provided the download link.

Here you can download the old version of the Wattpad application V6.73.0 which was published in 2018, if you really want to use the previous or older version of the Wattpad application. Of course you can download it for free and without having to pay anything.

For those of you who want to continue reading a novel in this one application, then please download the old version of the Apk via the link that we will provide here.

Name Wattpad Old Version
Version V6.73.0
File Size 12.56MB
Support Android 41+
Download 50.000+

Difference between Old and New Wattpad

Download Wattpad Apk Old Version V6.73.0 [Baca Novel]

After you see some of the features above, maybe you are currently asking questions, then what is the difference between the Old Wattpad application and the newest one?

For those of you who are curious about the differences, then please look at the table that the admin has prepared which certainly shows the differences below:

Feature Wattpad Old Version Wattpad Latest Version
No Ads Yes Not
Private Access Not Yes
Save Stories Yes Not
Support Indonesian Yes Not
Beta Testing Yes Not
Premium Access Not Yes
Paid Stories Yes Not


Thus the review that we can provide on this occasion regarding the Old Version of Wattpad. Hopefully the reviews that we share above can be useful for all of you, especially novel lovers.

Don’t forget to always monitor the website every day so you don’t miss the latest information from us. Thank you and good work!

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