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Viking Clan is the largest online text based content mostly based on Viking RPG.

Have you got what it takes to show you are worthy of Valhalla?

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Choose your weapons, allies and battles correctly. Build a viking empire that may ring with time. Trouble opponents, slay savage beasts, plunder villages, plunder over seas and set out on a journey to the ocean’s edge!

Don’t lose sight, courage is half the victory. Watch out and learn from others’ mistakes. Let the other’s surgeon be your warning.

Be a part of now and build your own Vikings empire!

Game Features

Viking Clan Call of Valhalla (1)

▶ Level up, select your experience and customize your warrior.

▶ Develop and handle your own Vikings empire.

▶ Simple to play and stress free.

▶ Battle and raid against tens of millions of actual players.

▶ Become part of or create a guild and take part in guild wars.

▶ Take revenge by placing a bonus in your competition.

Decide what is yours with the blade of your axe and the power of your hammer.

▶ Earn achievements, money and experience points.

▶ Collect hundreds of weapons and warriors.

▶ Buy real estate and develop your revenue.

▶ Battle dozens of bosses, from mythical monsters to Norse gods and earn your home in Valhalla.

▶ Capture Thor’s Hammer and face Odin and the monsters of the Nine Realms.

▶ Fight Baldr and start the prophecy of Ragnarok.

▶ Discover misplaced Eiger Islands.

Journey to the ocean’s edge.

Feast with honorable warriors.

▶ Beat the crook Loki.

▶ A huge variety of adventures in more than 30 regions in 9 worlds of Norse mythology.

▶ Play with friends and write vikings clans.

▶ Rank on the leaderboards in a number of chapters.

▶ Basic old text content based mostly on gameplay.

▶ Amazing boards.

▶ Free to play and no ads.

the support

Viking Clan Call of Valhalla (3)

Show yourself worthy of Asgard in the Viking Clan, depose the throne and struggle in opposition to the gods themselves. Evolve to become the most effective Vikings warrior the nine worlds have ever seen!

With a whole host of adventures and hundreds of achievements to collect, raiding and looting has by no means been so exciting! What are you ready for?

Attention: This sport can only be performed while connected to the Internet. Viking Clan is mostly text based content based on browser sports like Daybreak of Dragons.

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