Download the latest version of WinBox 32-bit / 64-bit (Windows 11, 10, 8, 7)

informations Information
Developer MikroTik
The operating system windows
Issuance 7.3.1
File size 2MB
license Free

WinBox is a free utility software developed by MikroTik, used to configure MikroTik RouterOS. MikroTik itself is a company engaged in providing software and hardware solutions for Internet connectivity worldwide. WinBox has a free license and a fast and simple graphic interface for ease of use. WinBox was introduced by MikroTik to allow management of RouterOS through an efficient and intuitive GUI. RouterOS itself, is the RouterBOARD operating system.

There are many functions you can do with WinBox, from checking web server status, creating access logs, wireless access points, hotspot gateways, managing bandwidth, monitoring data traffic, blocking websites, VPN servers, and all router settings and configurations. . WinBox is available for Windows, while Linux and Mac users can use WinBox features with the help of Wine.

To setup WinBox installed on your machine, three fields will be presented here that must be configured first. The user must enter the address IP or Mac Tabukfollowed by Username And the The password. After that click the button ConnectionTo view a list of devices to be selected and connect to, you need to go back to the tab Neighbour. Once connected, the user will see various settings and tools for configuration.

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WinBox Features and Uses

Here are the WinBox features that you can try:

Safe Mode

Safe Mode is one of the main features of WinBox, as it is used to make Mikrotik configuration more secure and local. This allows router errors that may occur, and will not directly cause network damage. This feature can restore router configuration settings that were turned on to the initial state or before safe mode was activated.

Backup and restore

The backup feature can be accessed through the File menu, and this is usually done for the router and network configuration set up in WinBox. To maintain data security, it is recommended to give the backup file a password and encryption. Backup and Restore aims to restore a lost router configuration. Users can also save the backup file in three options such as: internal storage on the router, cloud storage or local hard disk of the computer.

Keep password

In general, the password saving feature will be active by default in the MikroTik WinBox configuration. This feature field will be checked to save the password in the list. These passwords are stored in a file called Settings or in the manual Data roaming app WinBox. For users who may face forgetting MikroTik Router password, this is because the password is not stored. To find out MikroTik WinBox password, you must open the menu Tools > Export Address > Select a folder to save ekspor file > save > Open the file with the extension Notepad> After that, your WinBox login data will appear in a specific text format.

export and import

In the Export and Import feature, users can use it to configure an existing router for your new router. This will make it easier for you when you have a new router, and he doesn’t want to configure it from scratch again. With the export command, you can edit the export results, adapt them to the new router, and then transfer them with the import command.


Dashboard feature will make it easier for users to monitor various things on the router. Some of the information that can be displayed on the dashboard features includes: time (time on the router), date (the date on the router), CPU usage (information about the router’s CPU usage), and memory (consumption or free RAM). on the router), and the router’s operating time (duration). or current router time).

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Download the latest version of WinBox

For those who want to download this WinBox utility software, it is recommended to use the latest version of WinBox. WinBox is the best solution that you can choose, due to the advantages of various features in it to handle proxy server in GUI mode. WinBox is easy to use as it is based on GUI, so beginners who want to learn configuration or settings for Mikrotik can easily operate it. Here is a download link for the latest WinBox that you can select.

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