Download the latest version of GTA Sa Lite 2022 and it’s easy to play

There is a game that is always great to play, of course you see that. Games that are interpreted are GTA SA Lite Mod Apk with the type of open world or exploration.

The game was initially only playable on Playstation (PS), but now it can be played on HP with the GTA SA Lite version.

Aren’t these games heavy enough that they can’t be played on HP? Yes, but the Lite version is quite light with graphics that are no less great than the PS version.

GTA has become famous since it was launched, this is because of some good things that it got. From the story, you play a character named Carl Johnson.

Here are the special magnets for the games launched by Rockstar.

At a glance about GTA SA Lite

GTA SA Lite offers relief for those who want to reminisce playing this interesting game on a smartphone device. Because versus lite which has a lighter meaning, because of that there are a lot of deleted files.

But don’t worry, the file is usually not that important and doesn’t interfere with the gameplay. The files that are interpreted as radio, open screen, and vision are not important and are equally related.

That way, these games are quite light and can still be played smoothly on a low spec HP at all.

Feature GTA San Anreas Lite Mod Apk

Talking about features, there are some that you should know before playing. This feature is said to be really useful for the comfort and running of the game.

What features mean? Here’s a brief explanation that we collected from various sources!

HD Graphics

Although the size is smaller, the graphics provided are of sufficient quality. It can even achieve HD quality with sharp and detailed images.

Indeed, it has nothing to do with the game in it, but graphics can affect a person at home or maybe not in playing a game.


If you want to use GTA SA Lite Indonesia, it seems appropriate to use the modified version.

No need to understand the meaning of foreign languages, especially English when playing. All menus are prepared in local languages, even the texts are in Indonesian.

Feature Cloud Save

Don’t worry even if you use an Android phone with limited memory. GTA SA Lite mod apk has provided cloud storage support, where you can save game data files via Google Drive or other online storage.

Those of you who are new to playing will definitely have no trouble with the control settings given. What’s more if you can make your own modifications of the defined controls.

Total Vision

With the version of GTA SA lite v10 cleo mod apk or other versions, you not only get a vision of the original version, but many additional visions are prepared. This is confirmed to make the game more great and not boring.

Bluetooth Support

Interestingly, the games you want to play in have support for Bluetooth devices. Then you can play multiplayer with other devices by bringing them closer together.

With this feature, you can work together with other players to complete the given vision. Of course this makes it easier to win.

Download GTA SA Lite Mod Apk

Have you understood all the favorite features mentioned earlier? Are you interested in consuming it immediately? Who doesn’t want, most want to play this great exploring game.

Therefore, the first thing to do is to download GTA SA Lite Apk.

It is confirmed that you cannot get the file, or download it automatically via the Playstore. In exchange, we have provided the following GTA San Andreas Indonesia download link!

Steps to Install GTA SA Lite Mod APK

We continue how to install it, because everything must be done manually after you download the apk file via the ink above. Mentioned manual because the installation process is separate from the download process.

If you install a program via the Playstore, it can be executed automatically, just click install.

  1. Open the ‘Files’ folder.
  2. Specify ‘gta’ and search for ‘pvr.dat’.
  3. Rename the file to ‘dxt.dat’.
  4. Next find the ‘gta_int’ folder.
  5. Rename the following files sequentially ‘Gpvr.dat, gta_int.pvr.tmb, gta_int.pvr.toc’ to ‘Gta_int.dxt.dat, gta_int.dxt.tmb, gta_int.dxt.toc’.
  6. Please go back one way and specify the phone folder.
  7. Rename the following files ‘mobile.pvr.dat, mobile.pvr.tmb, mobile.pvr.toc’, mobile.dxt.tmb, mobile.dxt.toc’ respectively.
  8. Don’t forget to change ‘Txd.pvr.dat, txd.pvr.tmb, txd.pvr.toc’ to ‘txd.dxt.dat, txd.dxt.tmb, txd.dxt.toc’.
  9. If all the methods just now are correct, please try to do the program.


That’s a complete review of GTA SA Lite, starting from its core features, how to download the apk, how to install it. For those of you who are having trouble, please re-read from the beginning, especially in terms of installation.

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