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tik tok one application that is very interesting and makes its users go viral. In addition, this tik tok application has many who downloaded it and most are looking for it. This tik tok application is very popular with children and adults. Tik tok artists we know like:

Tik Tok Artist

Prabowo Mondardo

Prabowo Mondardo or as we often know Bowo alpenliebe, he is a tik tok artist who suddenly became famous for tik tok. Because of his popularity, Bowo is ogled to become a soap opera actor from various production houses.

Amarissa Florence

Amarissa Florencia is one of the tik tok artists we know. This artist is famous for his frequent Tiik Tok videos on his Instagram.


Nuranni, one of the Tik Tok artists who suddenly became famous for covering the song Siti Badriah, changed the lyrics to the name Iqbaal.

Get creative with videos

Tik tok can load very easy lipstick videos with just a few steps, you can already be creative with tik tok videos. In the Tik Tok application you are free to choose the song you want. with just a few minutes your tik tok video is already on social media.

So, those are some of the tik tok artists we know, but actually there are many. if you want to become a tik tok artist like the tik tok artist above, please download the tik tok application below.

Free Audio

Please select the audio for your video background for free. There are many to millions of audios to choose from, which you can filter from the most popular, pop songs, dangdut and other viral songs.


  • Big community
  • Make very easy lipsing videos
  • Songs you can choose
  • Unlimited creativity
  • Creative studio

Download Tik Tok

Application tik tok
Renew 2019
Version 13.06.06
Size 80 MB


Tik Tok is the best lip and video editing application on Android. For those of you who want to have creativity and ideas, you can pour it on this tik tok application. But we all have to maintain our privacy and there are limits, so that we don’t plunge us into the law, such as videos showing open genitalia and others. Express as we like but according to the existing rules.

This Tik tok app is supported by IOS and android. The tik tok application is very much downloaded and the most favorite in the playstore. Please download the application to your device.

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