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Hi Bestie Kesthuri Id, If bestie wants to watch youtube on bestie’s smartphone, one of the sites that I will share on this occasion is Rajaview.

Rajaview is an advertising website that brings together advertisers (advertisers) and viewers (viewers).

And bestie can register as advertiser (youtube) and viewer simultaneously.

If the bestie acts as an advertiser, the bestie first needs to make a deposit so that more people can watch the advertised video.

And that’s great for viewers. Bestie also gets paid to watch videos advertised by others.

Then how to register on the RajaView website? For those who are curious about the RajaView money-making application and want to try this money-making application, bestie can see the review that I will share below.

About Rajaview Latest Money Making App

Rajaview Money Making App

Profitable applications like RajaView are one of the profitable applications as part of PT Media Promo Online which is dedicated to advertising in the digital world.

And the company itself has been established since 2018 and is located at Jl. Jakarta Canal, Antapani, Bandung 40293 – West Java, Indonesia.

This platform can help advertisers to promote YouTube URLs and viewers have a great opportunity to earn from advertisers by viewing given URLs.

How To Register On RajaView Money Making App

For those who want to register in this application, how to make it is very easy and good luck by following the steps below.

But if bestie is still confused, bestie can repeat the steps until it works.

  1. First step, go to Rajaview app id through this link.
  2. If yes, click the tab Sign up now.
  3. After that, fill out the form with complete information in accordance with the correct details.
  4. In the final step, bestie will receive a link to login to bestie’s account via email.

How the RajaView Money-Making App Works

How the RajaView App Works
How the RajaView App Works

In the functionality of this RajaView application, it is very easy for besties to create and try Rajaview to collect funds from advertisers.

Which will be sent to the viewer or people who see the ad. Advertisers with a minimum deposit of around Rp. 100.000,- and will place their ads on the site.

And before bestie starts watching this ad and raising money. Bestie must ensure that Bestie’s personal information profile is complete and accurate.

It is important that the account number for receiving payments is correct. To view this ad Just go to the menu to see the ad with the eye icon.

Then the bestie will be taken to a page full of youtube ad videos with payment and view duration.

How To Make Money In RajaView Money Making App

In order to get maximum results, bestie should consult the tips below that can make it easier for bestie.

RajaView itself makes money by offering different rewards for each of its video ads, depending on the duration of the period.

The longer the duration, the more prizes attached to the table, the more prizes.

If the bestie chooses a short video, the prize is small. But it doesn’t take long if the bestie chooses a long video, the prize is big too.

But that also takes a long time.

So the bestie will choose a long or short video?

If Mimin really depends on the situation, if Besti has free time, then Mimin suggests choosing short videos.

Because short videos save time. But the bestie might miss the chance to watch a long video and win a big prize.

But still want to earn extra income through this application, right? So choose a comfortable one for yourself bestie.

It’s better if you want a big prize, choose a long video, so that the bestie’s work doesn’t go to waste.


For this application, mimin is sure it is safe from fraud. Because the company’s identity is clear and complete with its operating address.

Yes, even though this application is said to never pay, Mimin dares to recommend this application as a way to earn money.

Maybe that’s all I can share on this occasion about the latest Rajaview money-making application.

Hopefully the information above is useful and adds insight for all besties.

And for bestie who wants to find the same application, bestie can look for it in articles that have been published by

So much and Thank You!

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