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Download the Latest Original No Sensor Bokeh Museum Videos

Bokeh is a term used in photography and videography. The short definition is the result of a video or photo that shows the sharpness of the main object so that the background looks blurry. Bokeh Video Museum is also now a trend among the public.

Making a video that looks bokeh is fairly easy but difficult. You need to know the theory first before trying to make it. This article will discuss in detail how bokeh can occur and how to create it.

Definition Bokeh Videos


Previously, you must have seen or watched a bokeh video. But you don’t realize that the video or photo has bokeh. The term bokeh itself is taken from the Japanese language, namely “boke” which means blur or blurry.

A blurry background makes the main object appear sharper and clearer. That way, the audience can immediately focus on the object. Bokeh is also known as an out of focus area in the world of photography and videography.

Bokeh can occur due to the limited focus point on the camera lens. Therefore, the camera lens only focuses on one object. However, the limitations of this camera lens actually make a Bokeh Video Museum looks more aesthetic.

How Can Videos Be Bokeh?


Bokeh photos and videos are produced from a camera that has a small Depth of Field (DOF). This DOF ​​results from a combination of the exposure triangle settings. This triangle consists of three components, namely aperture, ISO, and shutter speed.

Aperture is a term to describe the size of the lens opening. ISO to state the level of sensitivity of the camera sensor to light stimuli. While the shutter speed is the speed at which the lens closes when it catches light.

A bokeh video or photo can be created when the lens opening or aperture is small. This makes the camera’s focus area narrower. That way, the camera can only focus on one particular object and the background becomes blurry.

Tips for Making Bokeh Videos in Mirrorless and DSLR Cameras

To make a video that has a bokeh effect, you need to learn the technique. Below will be explained in more detail about the techniques and tips for making a Bokeh Video Museum which has bokeh.

1. Using a Lens with a Large Aperture


The main thing that needs to be considered in making a video is the camera lens. Each type of lens is made for a different purpose. So, you are required to choose the right lens to get maximum results.

The best lens that can produce a Bokeh Video Museum is a fixed lens. This type of lens has an aperture of f/1.8. The number indicates the size of the opening.

If you don’t have a fixed lens, don’t worry. This type of lens is quite a lot found in the market. The price also varies depending on the brand and quality.

2. Bring Camera Closer to Object


Once you’ve got the right lens, you can now start shooting images. In taking pictures there are also special tips for producing bokeh. Bring your camera lens closer to the object. Set the focus point to lock onto the object.

Do not forget to set the lens aperture or aperture to the largest number. Due to the large aperture of the lens, more light enters. To compensate, you should lower the ISO and increase the shutter speed.

3. Keep Objects Away from the Background


To create a bokeh effect, you need the main object and another object as the background. So that the camera lens can focus more easily on the main object, you should keep the main object away from the background. Then bring it closer to the camera lens.

The further the distance between the background and the main object, the resulting video will have maximum bokeh.

Tips for Making Bokeh Videos on Smartphone


Don’t have a DSLR or mirrorless camera? Relax, you can still produce a video with a bokeh background using Android phones and iPhones. The principle is the same as described above.

In essence, you need to set the lens aperture to the largest number. After that, adjust the ISO and shutter speed to produce an image that is neither too dark nor too bright.

After making those settings, now aim for the main object. To make it easier to get the point of focus, you can also bring the object closer to the camera lens. Long click on the screen to lock focus. Now you can start recording the video.

Mid-range to flagship smartphones are usually equipped with manual camera features. With this feature, it is no longer impossible to make a video with a bokeh effect only with a smartphone.

What if the smartphone is not equipped with a manual camera feature? You can still use video editing applications to outsmart it.

Android Apps to Create Bokeh Videos

Below are some applications that you can use to edit videos that have been recorded with the camera so that they have a bokeh effect.

1. Inshot


The first recommended application that you can use to edit videos to make them bokeh is Inshot. This application can be downloaded for free through the Playstore. In addition, Inshot is also available in a pro version with more complete features and libraries.

One of the advantages of Inshot is that it can add blur or bokeh effects to videos. This application is also equipped with various effects and filters to add beauty to a video.

2. Picsart


Picsart application is famous as a photo editor. But actually this application also provides options for editing videos. You can add bokeh effect to video. The bokeh level can also be adjusted to make it look more natural and professional.

The quality and features of this application are unquestionable. More than 500 million people have downloaded and proven the quality of the Picsart application.

3. Insta Bokeh: Camera Blend


Make Bokeh Video Museum quality you can do using the Insta Bokeh application: Blend Camera. The video produced by this application can be resized according to the standard rules of the Instagram feed, which is 1:1.

This application not only helps you to create an Bokeh Video Museum beautiful. You can also use it to edit videos that will be uploaded on your Instagram feed so they don’t get cut off. Very useful, right?

4. Square Blur


Want to make an interesting video to upload on social media? Now there is Square Blur that will help you. In it there are many features and tools such as transitions and effects. Square Blur is already popular and downloaded by more than 1 million users.

5. Mago Videos


The last recommended application that can be used for editing Bokeh Video Museum direction MagoVideo. Not only capable of making videos into bokeh, MagoVideo is also equipped with speed up and slow motion features. You can use these two features to create cinematic videos.

You can also use MagoVideo to give a bokeh effect to a photo. This feature is able to conjure up photos from smartphone cameras so that they look like they were taken using a professional camera.

Make a bokeh videos not difficult at all if you already understand the technique. Especially now that there are many applications that can be used to add bokeh effects.

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