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Horror films in Indonesia are increasingly rampant, and so are games with ghosts as the main characters. There are many game names that have a ghost theme, both local and foreign productions. One of them is the game Squire Ghost, which now comes with a modified version for Android. This latest game released by Agate does not necessarily follow the same footsteps and storyline as its predecessor horror game. But dare to bring a different storyline to create a more exciting sensation.

Various ghost characters are displayed in 2-dimensional visuals, and all you will encounter are real ghosts who are usually the main characters in Indonesian horror films. While you act as a shaman with supernatural powers who are famous everywhere. You have a mission to hunt, capture, and eradicate the ghosts that live and roam the human world. The version that the admin shares is a modification with additional features in the form of unlimited money or coins that can be used to meet needs during the game.

Detail Information of Ghost Lord Game

In order to get to know and be more interested in playing this game, it is better for you to first understand the detailed information and some interesting features of the following Ghost Squire game.

  • Game Name: Ghost Captain Mod
  • Game Version : v.1.2
  • Fitur Mod                    : Unlimited money
  • Developed by : Agate
  • Jenis Game                 : Horror, Adventure
  • File Size: 33 mb

Features of Ghost Lord Mod Apk Unlimited Money

  • There are various types of ghosts, native to Indonesia
  • Visuals, audio and effects are getting more and more interesting
  • The location of the game is taken from the most mystical places in Indonesia
  • There are special rituals and culture, namely the occult
  • Keris Pusaka
  • Musical accompaniment and filler of Indonesian mystical themed games
  • The presence of a special character, namely Squire Terminal

So how? Already interested in playing it? Immediately, yes, you click the download button, install and play now with friends and other relatives. Next time we will continue with a ghost-themed game that is no less exciting. Agree?

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