Download the Latest CodaShop Pro Mod Apk – For you F2P people, one way to get free diamonds is to use CodaShop Pro Mod Apk. With this application you can get diamonds / ingame currency from online games for free. In other words, you can recharge using the app without paying. Usually Free Fire and ML games are popular and many gamers from Indonesia use this application.

CodaShop is a top-up site for Diamonds, UC, Google Play Coupons, etc. for mobile games such as Free Fire, Mobile Legends, PUBG Mobile, and others. But over time, CodaShop created an application that aims to make it easier for consumers to top up, the name of the application is CodaShop Pro.

CodaShop Pro is an application that you can use for those who top up items in online games with credit. So don’t be surprised if CodaShop Pro has been used by many CodaShop Pro users, especially in Indonesia because it is very simple and easy for them to use.

Not only that, CodaShop Pro also offers something very interesting, one of which is the cashback feature, besides that CodaShop also gives us a very easy payment method to use.

You can make several payments through ATM Bersama/Bank, Kredivo, Gopay, OVO, Alfamart, Dana, Indomart and other ATMs that you can see in payment transactions.

Knowing What CodaShop Pro Mod Is

So, CodaShop Pro Mod Apk itself is an Apk developed by a third-party developer that makes charging easier for gamers. Especially for Free Fire and Mobile Legends gamers.

They have modified this application to be able to refill diamonds at low prices and even say that you can shop for free. There are also various promos and discounts that you can get with the CodaShop Pro application from 50% to 90%.

In this application there are several premium functions that you can use so that you can top-up in the game without having to pay a penny or of course it’s free, the presence of the CodaShop application is a favorite of many players and many people want to benefit from it.

It’s just that the CodaShop Pro Mod Apk application can’t be found and used just like that! You won’t find this app in official app stores like the App Store or Google Play Store. You can only download it on certain application sites that provide direct links to download them, one of which is

You need to know that we provide a download link to download the CodaShop Pro Mod Apk application. You can download it for free without costing a penny like the ideals of the f2p. But before that it would be nice if you knew what the features were in the CodShop Pro Mod Apk application. Therefore, please refer to the following summary.

CodaShop Pro Mod Apk Features and Benefits

Many premium features are unlocked and you can use them for free, so it’s no wonder that many players are looking for this Modded version. To find out what the existing features are, you just need to see the following summary.

1. Simple View

The CodaShop Pro Mod version has a very simple interface so you can access it easily.

Of course, with this application to make it easier for you to refill diamonds quickly. Of course, accessing this app gives you the best experience.

2. Free Refill / Top-Up

And other benefits that you can get in CodaShop Pro Mod App is you can recharge for free.

CodaShop Pro Mod Apk itself is an application made by a third party developer that offers a lot of diamonds without spending money.

And you can’t find this feature in the original version, where it asks you to spend money.

3. Unlimited Diamonds

CodaShop Pro Mod App allows users to get unlimited diamonds for free.

You can’t get this benefit if you use the original version of CodaShop, so you can top-up repeatedly to get ML and FF diamonds easily. Up to infinity of course.

4. Free Download and No Ads

You can get this app for free and just install it, giving you lots of cool features without spending any more money. One more thing, as we all know for free apps are synonymous with ads. But with this Mod version you are free from ads.

Interesting Isn’t it, with these advantages you can make your ingame characters more stylish. So that when you play it makes your confidence high. You can also show off to your friends.

Download CodaShop Pro Mod Apk

How ? Not interested in trying this application. The following is the download link for the CodaShop Pro Mod Apk that you are looking for. Just click on the link provided then you will go to the application link.

App Name : CodaShop Pro Mod Apk
Type : Apk Mod
File size : 5.6 MB
Price : Free

Cara Install CodaShop Pro Mod Apk

For those of you who download the application from the link above, please follow the application installation process. There is a difference between the official app installation process and the Pro version.

As for the Pro Mod version, you must activate the Unknown Sources feature on the device first. For more details, see the following tutorial:

  1. First, open the Settings option on your smartphone.
  2. Next select the Additional Settings option.
  3. Then select Security & Privacy.
  4. Check or tick Install applications from unknown sources.
  5. Next, open the File Manager folder on the device.
  6. Find the folder of the application you downloaded earlier.
  7. Just touch and hold the name of the app you downloaded, then select Install.
  8. Please wait until the process of installing the application on the device is complete.

Quite easy is not the installation process. Then how to use it? take it easy, follow these steps.

How to Use CodaShop Pro Mod Apk

Now that you have the CodaShop app installed on your phone and want to start using it right away but don’t know how, don’t worry! The CodaShop Pro Mod Apk application has a user-friendly interface and is very easy for you to understand even for beginners who are just installing it for the first time.

Follow these steps to fully use the CodaShop Pro application:

  1. First, open the CodaShop application that has been installed on your smartphone.
  2. Then you can select the “Game Free Fire” option.
  3. The app will automatically display a page asking you to enter your password. Enter the password “Turtle”.
  4. Later, the application will ask you to enter “ID Free Fire” in the specified column.
  5. Next you have to select the “Amount of Diamonds” option that you want to fill.
  6. Only then can you select the “Payment method” option.
  7. You can choose the most suitable payment method for you.
  8. After selecting the type of payment method, you can verify the payment.
  9. To verify this, enter your active mobile number, then click Buy Now.

If you have followed all the processes to buy diamonds, all you have to do is wait for the application notification informing you that you have successfully refilled Free Fire diamonds.

Is It Safe To Use CodaShop Pro Mod Apk

Of course, in addition to the advantages, this CodaShop Pro Mod Apk also has some drawbacks, yes, as for some of the shortcomings that exist in the CodaShop Pro Mod Apk itself.

  • your smartphone does not meet the expected specifications, then you cannot download the CodaShop Pro App.
  • You can only use it for top-up diamonds in the Free Fire game and cannot be used for other types of games.
  • Because it is developed by a third party, this means that it will harm the game developer/publisher, because they do not get royalties/money from selling their ingame items.
  • It could be permanently banned for doing illegal top-ups. Therefore I suggest you use a dummy ID to buy ingame items with this application.

we can conclude that all Mod applications are quite risky because there is no good security system in the application.

This makes Mod applications very vulnerable to malware or viruses. Of course, if it is downloaded to the device, it is very risky. Devices are often vulnerable to theft of important data.

Of course, now that you know the pros and cons of this CodaShop Pro app, you can consider whether you should download it or not, but if you see all the advantages, you really must have this app!


So many articles on the CodaShop Pro Mod Apk application. Remember to stay wise in using this application. We do not bear any losses that occur at a later date. Once again we emphasize to use a dummy ID in its use.

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