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Hello Bestie Kesthuri Id, currently there are lots of money-making applications whose systems work with an online investment model.

When its users make money with one tap and run a profitable investment system process.

Even so, not all money-making applications that appear today are reliable, bestie.

In fact, many users have suffered losses, so it turns out that the money-making application they play is just a scam or a modern scam.

This is why internet users have recently become interested in the introduction of the Amber Well Apk money making app on the Internet.

Because I want to know if this Amber Well Apk apk is actually paid and not a scam.

Don’t worry, bestie, read on for the latest information about the Amber Well Apk apk below until it’s finished.

Tentang Apk Amber Well

Amber Well App

This Amber Well Apk is the latest money-making application that promises big profits in online trading investment missions.

Bestie can play this Amber Well Apk Money Making App for free with trial credits offered as a bonus for new user list.

Now that bestie understands how to play this Amber Well Apk money making app, bestie can take advantage of the opportunity to generate high income by making a deposit.

How to Register on the Amber Well App

Signing up for the Amber Well Apk money-making application is very easy, bestie. Bling Story Application to Make Money Directly To Account Balance Funds

If bestie wants to register a new account but doesn’t know the steps or process, then bestie just follow the tutorial summarized by Mimin in this article.

Here’s how to register a new member account in the Amber Well Apk Money Making Application:

  1. Please visit the website first.
  2. Click the My menu.
  3. Then press the “Register” button.
  4. Create a username for the bestie account.
  5. Please enter bestie’s mobile number.
  6. Create a new account password with unique characters.
  7. Confirm the created account password.
  8. Enter the Amber Well Apk invitation code that bestie has or has been provided by other users.
  9. Enter the unique code next to the screen.
  10. Click the “Register” button.
  11. Done.

If bestie has successfully performed all the steps above, then bestie can login to the Amber Well Money Generator apk directly from the login menu.

And the bestie can then immediately invest in the bonus credit fund or complete the credit deposit phase.

How to Deposit Money in Amber Well APK

Well, before bestie completes the deposit or deposit process, the first thing bestie needs to do is link bestie’s bank account to bestie’s Amber Well bestie account. The procedure is as follows:

  1. Make sure the bestie is logged into the Amber Well Apk.
  2. Then click the My menu.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the screen, find and click the By Bank Account menu.
  4. Then enter your real name, bank name, and bestie account number.
  5. In this case, the bestie can make a capital deposit through BNI, Permata, or Bank USDT.
  6. Done.

After bestie deposits bestie’s funds into this Amber Well Money Making Application account, then the next step is to carry out an investment mission so that bestie can make money.

How to Make Money on Amber Well App

How to Make Money on Amber Well App
How to Make Money on Amber Well App

Here’s how to complete the bestie investment mission in the Amber Well apk to make money:

  1. Click the home menu.
  2. After that, besttie can see that there are three types of cryptocurrency investments:
    1. Ethereum.
    2. Bitcoin.
    3. Axie Infinity.
  3. The bestie can then buy by clicking the “Buy” button and selecting what the bestie needs.
  4. Then the bestie can take advantage of the insurance and non-insurance features.
    1. But the difference is if the bestie chooses insurance, the bestie will only get a profit of 65%.
    2. If the bestie does not have insurance, then the bestie will receive 90% of the benefits.
  5. Then select the amount of credit you want the bestie to invest.
  6. Click the order confirmation menu to continue.
  7. Now, depending on the bestie’s lucky time, it means that the bestie has to wait until the end of the investment period.

Oh yes, bestie, apart from investing in the tasks above, bestie can also make money from this Amber Well apk by inviting bestie’s friends.

Withdrawing his income, bestie can also get it from the many invitations from friends that bestie does.

How to Withdraw Income on the Amber Well Apk

From the Amber Well Money-Generating Application, bestie can withdraw funds using two withdrawal methods, namely: a bank account and a digital wallet called USDT.

Amber Well Apk is a money making application that pays its users through a bank account.

And has a minimum withdrawal limit of $5 and a withdrawal management fee of 5% of the total withdrawal.

When using USDT, the minimum withdrawal limit is $1. So here’s how to withdraw credit from the Amber Well Apk money making app:

  1. Go to “Home”.
  2. Press the withdrawal menu.
  3. Specify the payment method.
  4. Enter the desired payment amount.
  5. Then click Confirm Payment.
  6. Done.

Note : The balance withdrawal schedule for this Amber Well Apk is from 08:00 to 23:30. And the withdrawal process takes about 30 minutes.

Is This Amber Well App Really Paying?

Based on the information that the admin knows, the Amber Well Apk apk is actually making payments at this time.

Many users who tried to withdraw funds from their Amber Well Apk account said the same thing.

However, mimin cannot guarantee this 1000% that this Amber Well app will pay off the bestie forever.

This is because there is no guarantee that a money-making app like this will be legal for a long time or that it will be a scam in the future.

This is information regarding the Amber Well application that generates, pays or cheats the income of its users. May be useful.


So I can conclude that this application can be an anxiety for its users.

Because the name of the deposit feature can’t always be profitable, bestie.

But all of them, Mimin returns to bestie, whether bestie wants to use it or not.

And to find other information about other money-making applications, bestie can look for it at Thank you!

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