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Download Squid Game APK Mod Unlimited Money 2021

The virtual world is being shocked by the South Korean survival drama series entitled “Squid Game”. In fact, because of the popularity of the series, many smartphone users are looking for Squid Game APK to play.

The chapter of this drama tells the story of a group of people who risk their lives for a mysterious survival. Released worldwide by Netflix on September 17, 2021.

Squid Game itself is a game that is participated by four hundred and fifty-six people to play traditional South Korean games and only look for 1 winner.

But be careful, if you fail to complete the given challenge, your life can be threatened because all players who lose or fail in the game will be shot dead.

Here, you can try out all the games like the cast in the drama series. By trying the Squid Game APK

Tentang Squid Game APK

Squid Game APK is a game game that offers the best casual gameplay for its players. To play this game, you have to be the last person standing to win the match.

This android game, which is similar to the Squid game, which is currently viral on various social media platforms, has the name Roblox Game. After Squid Game took the world by storm, many were interested in Roblox Games

Because the Roblox Game has several modes that are similar to the Squid Game drama series. If you lose, you will immediately die and fall. This Roblox game, can make us feel like the game in the Squid Game series.

If in the Squid Game there is a game called Red Light Green, then in this game there is a mode called Fish Game.

Fish Game Roblox also wears clothes that are very similar to the characters in Squid Game. The sound of a scary doll can also be heard in the background during Fish Game mode.

Besides Fish game, another game that is no less iconic is Sugar Honeycombs. Players are required to pierce the dalgona candy using a toothpick according to the shape of the printed line. If Dalgona Candy is broken or destroyed, you will immediately fall.

In addition, the Red Light Green game ala Squid Game is very exciting because you need to run as fast as possible to get to the finish line. When the red light and the doll look at you, then you have to stop.

If your character moves even a little, it will immediately fail or die. In essence, you will really feel the sensation of playing the game Red Light Green a la Squid Game.

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Fitur Squid Game Mod APK

squid game apk

Squid Game APK has several features that allow players to win the competition fairly. This is a fun game to try because it trains your reflexes!

Green Light Red Light

Squid Game, you can play Green Light Red Light, a popular kids game in many countries.

There is a twist in this game, because you can be immediately knocked out when moving at a red light. You have to pass the green light little by little until you reach the finish line!

Very realistic graphics

Squid Game features very realistic graphics complete with green uniforms and rules according to the film series.

The animation presented in this Roblox Game is quite cool. Starting from the 3D animation style that is applied to each character.

Whether it’s for the characters of the game participants, the guards, to the robot girl who is counting down time.

Simple Control

In Squid Game, you can move left, right, forward, and backward! Although this game provides a game that seems tense, but you don’t have to worry about the controls given.

The reason is, this Roblox Game presents a fairly simple game control.

You can choose the control options used, namely between directional arrows or some kind of analog. Choose one of the desired control types, and win the game. But keep in mind, don’t forget the rules given in the game.

Power-ups and Customization

In this one game, you can improve the abilities of the characters used. Of course this is done to win every match that is followed.

So use and upgrade items as high as possible to make it easier for you to win the match.

In addition to enhanced abilities, you can also customize the appearance of the characters used. So with characters that match your wishes, the game will run more and more exciting.

Unlimited gifts

The version of the Roblox game that will be shared later is the Mod version. This means you will get an advantage that not all players have. The advantage referred to in this case is an unlimited amount of money.

With this, you can open and also buy various items you want.

Of course, the purpose of purchasing this item is to improve the character’s abilities and win the game. In addition, you can also beautify the appearance of the characters used.

If you are someone who likes to play high-stakes games, then this game might be the perfect game for you. Although in the series, they played a total of six unique individual games.

Download the Latest Squid Game APK 2021

squid game apk

If you enjoy the South Korean survival drama series entitled “Squid Game” on Netflix, of course you are curious about games that are similar to the series, right? download Squid Game APK now and enjoy the same gameplay!

Well, no need to wait any longer, just download the Squid Game APK via the link given below.

Nama Game Squid Game APK
Size 74.3 Mb
Compatible Android 5.0+
Version 1.0.0
Price Free

For those of you who want to try it, please download “Here”, because we have provided this game for free.

Cara Instal Game Squid Mod APK Unlimited Money

This Squid Game APK is not downloaded via the Google Play Store, so here’s how to install Squid Game APK on your phone

  1. First, please download the Squid Game APK file from the link provided above.
  2. Then open the app Settings or settings which is on your phone.
  3. Then open the menu security and accessibility.
  4. Tap on the toggle to activate the option unknown source.
  5. Next now open the app file manager.
  6. Just tap on file Apk and press the install button to install it.
  7. Follow the instructions given by the system, until the installation process is complete and successful.
  8. If you have, you can immediately play the Squid Game APK.


That’s the explanation from revitalizationsmk.id regarding the Squid Game APK that you can play to fill boredom in the midst of daily activities.

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If you are interested in this one game, you can download it from the link we have provided above, thank you so much.


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