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Download the Free Video Snack App Hello friends, the appearance of the video snack application has been quite a long time, especially in Indonesia. With this one platform, you can see a large collection of videos with short durations of funny, annoyance and others that are very entertaining. The presence of this application is quite competitive with similar applications, namely TikTok, which previously entered the Indonesian market first.

For those of you users of the Snack video application, there is good news that we will share specifically for you. when you have installed the video snack application then you will get an entertainment and can also make money.

Because besides you getting entertainment through the videos that are displayed, you can also make money from this video snack application, because the maker of this application is holding a gift-sharing event.

At first, many people may not believe that this application can give money to its users. Because indeed, at the time of this snack video application, there were a lot of scam applications that appeared, thereby reducing public trust.

At first this snack video was blocked by permission because it was not registered with the Financial Services Authority (OJK), but this problem has been properly resolved by the application manager.

Currently, there are many ways that developers do, one of which is holding promos to attract the interest of its users, one of them is by distributing money in the snackvideo application, for now this is quite effectively done and the results are as expected.

In addition to video snacks, there are many other applications that follow in the footsteps of video snacks such as the Helo application, Tiktok and others. The income earned is not small, many earn up to millions of rupiah every day.

To earn money on video snacks is not difficult, you just have to complete the given missions which are relatively easy to do,

some examples of missions given include watching videos, uploading your videos to inviting friends to join the Snackvideo application.

What is Snack Video

Snack Video is an application released by Kuaishou Technology, a company in China. The emergence of this application is predicted to offset the dominance of users of the TikTok application, which has so far dominated the video sharing market with its short duration.

With a file size of 71MB, this application has been downloaded by as many as 100 million Android users in the Playstore application.

Snack Video Features

snackvideo has a lot of advanced features so that you enjoy using the snack video application. Before you start downloading and using this video snack application, know some of the features that snack video has, including:

  1. Lots of Entertaining Videos
    Sometimes boredom often comes to us, so that not a few people feel bored, bored and even stressed, so many people seek entertainment for themselves. in the snack video application there is a collection of funny videos that are very stomach churning so it is perfect for those of you who need entertainment.
  2. Making Videos With Filters
    For those of you who want to upload videos, this application already provides this feature. Meanwhile, to make the display more attractive, there are various kinds of effects and filters that you can apply to your video, the more cool the video you make will look.
  3. Earn Money
    This feature is one of the reasons why so many users download snack video applications, apart from looking for entertainment and making videos, snack videos can provide income to users. There are billions of rupiahs of money that have been provided by the developer for those of you who use this application, of course, terms and conditions apply.

Those were some of the features contained in this application. By looking at the existing features, it is not surprising that many have switched to using video snacks.

How to install and register applications

when you want to try this video snack application, you must first download, install and register in this video snack application.

Here’s How to Install Snack Video:

  • First of all, you must first download the snack video application via the Snack Video link.
  • then after the download is complete, please install the snack video application first.
  • Once installed, please open the Snack Video application.
  • Please select the “Register” menu.
  • Then you can choose to register via Facebook, Google Account, Phone number, or Line
  • Fill in your personal details such as date of birth, favorite choice, then continue.
  • please edit your account profile as you wish

With the method above you already have a Snack Video account, it’s just a matter of how you start making money from this video snack application.

How to Earn Money on Video Snacks

For those of you who want to make money from this video snack application, you can follow the steps we provide, then in this application there are several missions that you can complete, later after completing the mission you are running you will earn income.

Here are some missions that you can do including:

  • Watching video
    one of the most effective ways to get coins to earn income is to watch videos in the snack video application, after you watch videos in this application the coins you have will automatically increase. after the coin reaches the payment threshold you can withdraw it through your preferred E-Wallet account.
  • Login Daily
    The second way to get coins is that you are required to log in to the application every day, by logging into the video snack application every day, your coins will increase little by little.
  • Uploading Videos
    The third way for you to get coins from this video snack application is by uploading videos, if the video you upload is liked by many visitors, your chances of getting followers will be even greater. so the total viewers will affect your coin income.
  • Invite friends
    The fourth way to get income coins is to invite as many friends as you can, if you are able to invite up to 15 friends then you have the opportunity to earn two million rupiah.

How to Invite Friends to Video Snack App

If above we have explained how to make money through the video snack application, one of which you are required to invite your friends, then we will explain how to invite friends to use this video snack application.

  • First of all, please enter the Snack video application.
  • then please click the coin icon above.
  • then please click invite, then invite friends
  • please copy the link url or share via whatsapp.
  • just wait how many of your friends download the video snack application via the link you shared earlier.

How to Enter a Friend’s Invitation Code.

if above we have explained how to invite friends to the snack video application, then this time we will explain how to enter a friend’s invitation code.

For example my invitation code is 719 089 963, please try to enter the code then my coin balance will automatically increase. you can use it for those who want to watch video snacks by using a lot of cellphones.

Ahir Kata

How to get money from snack videos is very easy, besides you have to install email, this application is also the right choice to entertain yourself. Maybe that’s all the reviews that we can share about free money-making video snacks, good luck.

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