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Download Slutty Journey MOD APK 2.40 (God mode/High damage/Higher Critchance)

What will combining gods and demons in the spiritual world with a strategy game bring? The answer is Slutty Journey, a game labeled not for under-18s attracting significant attention. Because your Journey in Slutty Journey is to collect the famous gods or demons of legend. But all are redesigned with the image of beautiful girls. That can make you resist your urge and keep on task. Or officially degenerate and plunge yourself into hell. Every move and battle in Slutty Journey carries certain risks.

Download Slutty Journey mod – The Recruiting of Divine Entities

The main character of Slutty Journey is a guy from unknown whereabouts. Only know, he was lost in the land of gods and demons constantly fighting each other. The goddesses of this land are yearning for passionate love. So you are the perfect choice for them to choose and rely on. You will join them against the constant incidents between the two factions. Engage in multiple battles and designate entities to use combat power accordingly. Once you win, your reward will be to have fun with the goddesses. Imagine how satisfied you will be with the number of thousands of goddesses.

Each goddess and female demon was treated as a unit to fight. In each battle, the player selects units to join the main squad. That squad will fight against the enemies at that level. With turn-based combat rules and based on moves to decide the outcome, please choose the units that are suitable and have links with each other. At first, you will feel it does not make sense because the enemy is too weak. However, as the difficulty increases, the requirement for the right squad is more urgent than ever. Over a long time playing the game, you will realize the strength of each unit. Their effect and appeal on the battlefield.

Slutty Journey mod apk

Elemental Power Control

Each goddess unit in Slutty Journey carries a distinct elemental power. This is especially important and reflects the squad’s strength compared to the opponent. The elements in their most basic state are fire, water, wind, and earth. They counter each other in a circle and are indicated in the tutorial for easy understanding by players. Before each match, you also know what elemental strength your opponent has. If the unit’s element counters the enemy, it deals double damage. Otherwise, it will be halved and effectively chained with an entire squad. So when all enemies have only one element, use counter units and blow them away in a flash.

Slutty Journey mod apk free

Collect upgrade resources

Not too much skill is required regarding goddess and female devil units. Items and upgrades increase their power. That has created a gameplay element similar to many strategy games. Instead, spend time practicing and improving your skills. You need to find materials and continuously upgrade to strengthen the goddesses. The items are scattered on many levels in different chapters and sections. Therefore, players will return to these levels many times to hang up. So do the work to plow the missing item. When the number is reached, start upgrading, breaking through, and unlocking new skills for the goddesses to strengthen.

Slutty Journey mod free

The element of luck forever

Slutty Journey brings in the lucky gacha system, a form that almost any strategy game must have. It is a random spin system to help players get goddesses for free or for a fee as long as you have a sufficient number of tickets to make particular spins. The charm and randomness are what make gacha successful. You may be disappointed when you don’t get the character you want. Then at random moments burst again because they finally show up as an impressive gift. More rare characters will add more power and beauty to your battle squad.

Slutty Journey free

Rescue the goddesses in their most sensitive trouble through battle. Link and defend each unit’s steadily increasing strength against enemies. Satisfy your curiosity and luck with many eye-catching character scenes. Slutty Journey mod will help you have more exciting relationships and enemy battles based on tactics created from the element.


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